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  1. Click on his name and hit "Send email". There is a small problem in the site - this option appeared, only when I in my profile set language to English (previously was Russian).
  2. I had this a couple of times. And someone already reported this bug here.
  3. This uTorrent don't understand escape sequences like %5B,%5D ('[' and ']') in web-seed addresses. The same can be with tracker address, I'm not sure.
  4. 3 bugs. I have a torrent with many wallpapers in it. They are divided among 3 folders, let's say 1920x1080, 1280x1024, 1024x768. In each folder files are named like 000000.jpg. The amount of files is very big, so I decided to divide files to subfolders named 00, 01, 02, etc. I created these subfolders in each folder, in "Files" tab selected some files, selected "Relocate" from context menu and assigned them a subfolder named 1920x1080\01. Here the bugs appear: (1) the names of the relocated files in the "Path" column became like 1920x1080\01\wallpapers\000001.jpg (except for the first file, which was partially loaded and it's name remained 1920x1080\000000.jpg), although it should be 1920x1080\01\000001.jpg, and (2) the state of the torrent became "Error: failed to relocate file 1920x1080\000000.jpg: System cannot find selected path". (3) Button "Start" on toolbar remained disabled, and buttons "Pause" and "Stop" remained enabled, although their state shoul be opposite for torrents in error state. For the (2nd) bug I can also say, that partially or fully loaded files cannot be relocated at all (in previous versions it worked), and the torrent falls into error state. When there are very much files in torrent and "Files" tab is selected, uTorrent eats too much processor time, while all torrents are stopped and no rehashes occur.
  5. Another little bug with color schema: paused_progress and stopped_progress are used inplace of each other. I think there should be more color entries in the "btskin" file: -text-color to be used on colored part of progress (global or 1 for each *_progress) now white is used; -text-color and background-color for "Add new torrent". And just my wish: I'd like to choose font name/font size somewhere in the skin. Now if I change font size globaly, the text in status bar and is displayed clipped - the same was in previous versions of uTorrent.
  6. I found where the problem is: in advanced options gui.picebar_progress I had set to "*true". Thanks for helping.
  7. I tried - the result is the same. It shouldn't be OS dependant, as I am a programmist myself, and many times made such lists with any content inside, and my lists worked even with Windows 95 & NT4.0. Try to correct your tips/sig, maybe you ment "Upgrade"
  8. Maybe it's mot a bug, but because of that I cannot make black background. And color definitions aren't broken: queue list is displayed as I wanted, problem is only with file list of the "Add new torrent" window
  9. Another bug: when I in my skin set list_background:000000, the background color of "Add new torrent" window also became black, but the text-color is black too but I set list_text:FFFFEE
  10. Make a text-file named "btskin", type in it (type your colors instead of mine) download_progress:99cc33 seed_progress:3b9bfc paused_progress:cccccc stopped_progress:86c440 downerr_progress:ff3333 seederr_progress:ff3333 error_progress:ff3333 finished_progress:86c440 queued_progress:89c248 queued_incomplete_progress:3399ff progress_bar_bg:0 download_progress_text:666666 seed_progress_text:666666 paused_progress_text:666666 stopped_progress_text:666666 downerr_progress_text:666666 seederr_progress_text:666666 error_progress_text:666666 finished_progress_text:666666 queued_progress_text:666666 queued_incomplete_progress_text:666666 upload_rate_limit:800000 download_rate_limit:008000 upload_rate_payload:ff0000 download_rate_payload:00ff00 upload_rate_local:ff7070 download_rate_local:70ff70 upload_rate_overhead:800000 download_rate_overhead:008000 tcp_upload_limit:803080 tcp_download_limit:308080 tcp_upload_rate:803080 tcp_download_rate:308080 player_send_rate:d0d000 ack_upload:ff0000 ack_download:00ff00 header_upload:ff7070 header_download:70ff70 connect_upload:ff8888 connect_download:88ff88 close_upload:ff6000 close_download:60ff00 retransmission_upload:600000 retransmission_download:006000 cache_reading:800000 file_reading:ff0000 cache_writing:008000 file_writing:00ff00 eye_piece:ffffff cursor_piece:0000ff deadline_piece:00ff00 hole_piece:00ffff ghost_piece:ff0000 prio_window_start:ff00ff prio_window_end:ffff00 total_pieces:7f7f7f critical requests:00007f critical requests cancelled:007f00 non-critical requests:007f7f buffer_size:7f0000 secs_ahead_of_ghost:7f007f secs_ahead_of_eye:7f7f00 secs_of_underrun:0f0f0f peak_send_delay:800000 avg_send_delay:ff0000 min_send_delay:800000 peak_recv_delay:008000 avg_recv_delay:00ff00 min_recv_delay:008000 target_delay:aaaaaa graph_bg:000040 graph_border:c0c0ff graph_text:ffffff graph_ruler:20209f graph_legend_bg:000020 graph_legend_text:e0e0ff pieces_have:5050ff pieces_dont_have:E0E0E0 pieces_unavailable:A00000 pieces_requested:308030 stream_progress:3acc33 search_border:99cc33 piece_idle:ffffff piece_written:0000ff piece_writing:6060ff piece_multi_request:c0ffc0 piece_streaming:00b0b0 piece_cancelled:ffff00 piece_requested:c0c0ff sched_full_speed:00a800 sched_limited:8dce8d sched_turn_off:ffffff sched_seed_only:ffc0c0 list_background:F0F0F0 list_alternate_background:E0E0E0 list_text:000000 sidebar_background:F0F0F0 sidebar_text:000000 sidebar_sep_line_gradient_start:80F080 sidebar_sep_line_gradient_end:bfbfbf sidebar_sep_shadow_gradient_start:80F080 sidebar_sep_shadow_gradient_end:ffffff drop_zone_background:ff00ff drop_zone_text:ff00ff menu_background:ff00ff toolbar_background:ff00ff find_pane_background:ffffff find_pane_search_btn_background:ffffff find_pane_text:00FF00 find_pane_subtext:787878 download_list_highlight:787878 healthbar:147010 healthbar_bg:147010 Place this file in zip archive, add following files (if you want): Main.ico maindoc.ico tray.ico tabs.bmp toolbar.bmp tstatus.bmp Rename this zip-file to "current.btskin" and drag-n-drop it to uTorrent.
  11. it is displayed on/with the progress ("status") column Where? I meen where is the text? How can i distinguish between seeding and forced seeding?
  12. By the way, where the column "Status" gone? Not those "Statuses" with download progess or four bars but that with text "Stopped", "Downloading", "[F]Seeding", etc.