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  1. I don't know what to say. We haven't even released the product yet. Our loyal users are the very first people we discussed this with. And here I am at nearly 3am talking to you' date=' a loyal user. To say we don't mind what our loyal users do...I don't get it. Perhaps I'm just digging myself in further and there's nothing I can say. I will say...will you hang in there with us a bit more, Bombora? And others of you? Again, at least see how things play out here. Will you keep talking? I hope so.[/quote'] Hi Bigfails, I'm another user here who is ready to jump ship over this decision, and in my eyes things are quite black and white in regards to your request for us to hang in and see how things play out. If you implement advertising in uTorrent, to be perfectly to the point, no - we will not hang in. This is a make-or-break decision for a large section of your user base. If I come across as antagonistic, I truly apologize because I don't mean to - just trying to be frank and direct about how I feel about the situation. Dan