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  1. Thanks god someone is understanding me.
  2. Hi BojanKing, what you are saying is correct, minimize on system start is working, so that you are certainly not maximized when you start windows, as you mentioned ("upper edge is slightly out of monitor"). The only thing left to do is to check the box that says "minimize to system tray". Its 2 settings to get this done correctly. We are currently working out the semantics for these kinds and related operations. But that is not what I want to do. If I check minimize to tray, it will go to tray when I click minimize button (I have close to tray button, so it goes to tray when I click X button). But what I want is to start in tray when I turn on my computer, so I won't be annoyed. That's what this option "Minimize at system start" is meant for. With version 2.x, and the same options checked it do what I WANT it to do and what it SHOULD do. Regards P.S. maybe I didn't explained properly because English is not my first language. EDIT: Why would anyone ever want to start uTorrent in restored state when Windows start? Much more useful option would be "Open in tray when Windows start", and that's what minimize at sys tray did in previous version.
  3. You can call it whatever you want, but it just doesn't work. Every time I turn on computer it opens maximized (well not maximized but a little bigger, upper edge is slightly out of monitor), and it annoys me a lot. Please fix it as fast as you can. Version 2.x works well.