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  1. Here is a strange behavior. After a torrent is done downloading, I highlight it in WebUI uTorrent, and click the red X (delete). The torrent is instantly removed/deleted but then comes back again after 3 or 4 seconds. It seems the .torrent file is STILL in the monitored auto load directory, and is not being renamed .loaded like it used to. It worked great for past several days, but today is acting as described above. What can I check, or which logs can I send to see what is happening? (would like to help report the bug)
  2. I'm running uTorrent in Windows Home Server 2011 via Service (Task Scheduled actually) I control the whole thing via the Web GUI on my laptop (and monitored folder for new drop in .torrent files) Is the Web GUI for the 64bit version working? I can't/wouldnt want to test 64 bit yet unless I hear the Web GUI is active. While I control everything via the Web GUI, it would be nice to have a WHS 2011 dashboard add-in as well. Hopefully this WHSuTorrent add-on has further development; http://www.wegotserved.com/2011/04/10/whsutorrent/ Anyway, good to know 64 bit apps are finally gaining momentum in every day fav apps like uTorrent
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