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  1. When it upgraded to 28965 it deleted all of my torrents. Like a hundred of them. It only kept three of them. Not sure what the heck that was all about, but figured I should report it. They were all still listed in uTorrent BTW, and the downloaded files were still there, just the actual torrent files got deleted. OK, it turns out they didn't get deleted. They all got moved to a random folder. It was one of the folders that was created by a torrent, and the files that had been in that folder were deleted. Oh, and a file that I had downloaded, and thought I deleted, last week, was in the folder too. Very strange.... With the time it would take me to reload and relabel all those files, I figure, screw it, I just won't seed them and I'll have a fresh start. Aside from that, it all seems to be working well now. If nobody else has a problem like this, then I guess My computer just had a little seizure.
  2. Making sense doesn't matter if it doesn't hurt anyone but is usefull to someone. Yeah, I guess I could see that. Though I think that speaks to the fact that most users don't care as much about seeding as him, which is sad. So I guess he will just have to use the little trick I gave him, and be screwed on the ones where he sets a seperate upload limit only to have it overridden by the "reaches seeding goal" action. Thanks for the info anyway Firon.
  3. @ouid The more I think about it I can definately see how the old way would be usefull for certain users, and, as you said, there doesn't seem to be any good reason for it to have been changed. I can't think of any way in which the old way would hurt anyone, yet the new way does hurt some users. Maybe they had a good reason that I can't think of, or it was a side effect (bug) of another change. Uttorent still rocks in my book but i'm sorry you have an annoyance like this.
  4. Rafi, in your picture you do not have "Limit the upload rate to" least not the one I think ouid is talking about. I think he means the one where it says "when uttorent reaches seeding goal......." ouid, it only makes sense that if you have that unchecked then there is no ETA for your seeding torrents because you don't have anything to ETA to. In order for you guys to get it to work how you like you need to check that "when uttorent reaches seeding goal......." thing and type like 3000 (something higher than your actual upload rate so that it actually changes nothing) or something in there and then set the minimum seeding time or minimum seeding % to whatever number you want it to stop showing the that 300% or 30,240 minutes (three weeks). Once it reaches that goal it will stop showing an ETA but should keep uploading at normal speeds untill you stop it. Just my thoughts
  5. I'm not intending to be naggy and I know that it takes yall time to look into these things, but if anyone could at some point at least duplicate this and let me know that you see what I'm talking about (or if there is another way to do it) I would appreciate it. thanks. (i wont nag again for at least a month I promise)
  6. using version 25422 (and at least the previous version also, if not some before that, but not all past builds) When I have a downloading torrent highlighted and am showing the files/trackers/whatever down below, I used to be able to click in an open spot on the dowload window to un-highlight the downloading torrent and therefore also stop showing the files/tracker/whatever down below......not anymore. Now I can un-highlight the torrent but it continues to show the files/trackers/whatever below. This is really only an issue for me if I have hidden downloads....I can leave the "hidden" labeled torrents but if I have, at any point, highlighted one of them, and I don't have an un-hidden torrent to highlight instead, I cannot get it to stop showing the files/trackers/whatever from the hidden torrent....therefore its not hiding very well.