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  1. I think there are one big regression with new versions of µTorrent. I currently still using 2.0.4, because 3.0 uses 50-60 MB RAM and more. While 2.0.4 - 30-40 MB in my case (604 torrents, 2-3 torrents - active). Can be that fixing in upcoming new versions or/and adding to to-do list of the future plans?
  2. You about "Show Apps Pane"? I talking about disabling Apps feature - not just hiding.
  3. Hi all there! I have just two questions: 1. How disable new uTorrent's feature - Apps? 2. How decrease uTorrent's startup time - it took about 4-5 seconds or something before application actually start? 2.0.4, for example, does not have problem with startup time. I use last build - uTorrent 2.2.1 Build 23274. Thanks.
  4. Hello all. I just wanna say that I have no problem with using this great application and here's my pleasure for developers of the "uTorrent" - thank you so much for your good work.