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    Hello all. I have had a simple little problem, and i can't seem to find a solution, and hope someone here might have a clue on how to fix it. I have originally seeded a lot of torrents from E:\Downloads....some of those have been seeded for years, and have a high seed ratio, which i prefer to sort torrents by, so all my own torrents is at the top. Now i have changed where i put my torrent files, and i would like to move the old ones over to D:\Torrents\complete torrent files...if i just delete them and add them again, I will lose my ratio. If i just copy them, it breaks. I have then checked out the resume.dat file, and have seen that the path is in the resume.dat file, its as simple as "e58:E:\Downloads\Adventures of Jo, Zette and Jocko 3-5.torrentd8:". Sadly, if i change that path, it will also break. Do anyone know how i can change the path for the torrent file itself? I can't see an option for it in BEncode, but i assume its in there somewhere