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  1. Actually the two different versions won't segregate setting/torrents. From my experience, you won't notice any negative effects from using two versions. In fact, the beta version has extra settings that seem to carry over to the older version even though you can't access those settings in the older one.
  2. I'll second this motion. This is an awesome idea.
  3. One small issue that I've noticed (tiny) is when you select a bunch of stuff, then you just click on one thing, it does nothing to the selection. Instead you have to either click out of the normal selection or do a drag select in order to change the selection. The only reason why I'm saying that this is a bug is because this is not the expected behavior. However, thinking about it, this could be considered a feature considering you might accidentally click without intending too. With this behavior, such a miss click would have no effect. In all reality this is a minuscule thing. Beyond this, I haven't really seen any issues, as of yet, with the downloading side of things but I've only added 1 torrent since updating to Lion. I can't wait for a 1.5x release version to be, well, released because I'd love to be able to use the rss feature. Any indication as to the release date?
  4. I dont have that issue with Lion and 1.5.4. So I dont think its related to utorrent. I have had the same screen glitch under both the stable build and the beta. My lion is not a clean install but I'm not having any high cpu usage. When will the stable update be released? I'm using a site that won't allow for betas and I'd love to be able to use the new features.