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  1. Endless thanks and kudos to the fine folks who developed UTORRENT. What can I say? So many reasons this program ROCKS: 1) it consumes so little in system resources 2) it coexists peacefully with EVERYTHING 3) it does not offer obnoxious ads, or autostartup garbage when you boot, unless you ask for it. 4) it is SO intuitive, no directions necessary - Adobe could learn a lot from you 5) almost every feature you think "gee if only i could do this..." is built in 6) so easy to hide, so boss might think i am actually working 7) almost as much fun as sex, and I don't have to buy it dinner or dance first. I recently survived a major hard drive meltdown, and UTORRENT was even painfully easy to recover full data from after the crash - all my torrents started right back up as if the drive had never died. A thing of beauty. Thanks so much guys - you should now set your sights on developing 2 things the world needs: 1) a better EBAY, without their dumb rules and PAYPAL police 2) an operating system that is as transparent and easy to live with as UTORRENT. You guys could NEVER work for MICROSOFT, you are TOO good! Hidden files, files you cannot copy while the system is running - builtin "SYSTEM RESTORE" function that does more harm than good - and they dominate the market - unbelievable. And they get paid, and you don't????