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  1. I was downloading torrent with 8kb/s even with 115 seeders. Disk overloaded 100% was up. When I changed "Overwrite automatic cache size and specify the size manually (MB) to 1024. I started downloading with 2.3MB/s and Disk overload was gone. 18959 ps. also utorrent crashes sometimes on shutdown. haven't tested if it still crashes with 1024mb cache yet. ps2. i guess i was too fast. after few minutes disk overloaded 100% returned. and speeds of 8kb/s too
  2. I got very low upload speed with version 1.9 and version 1.8.3. With version 1.8.2 my upload rate is like 5-10 times faster. I lost some ratio at torrent sites. But now! Downgrade to 1.8.2. Are there some settings I am missing?
  3. Same for me. uTorrent 1.9 freezes my Windows within seconds. High CPU usage. Interesting I managed to finish one downloads. Everything was fine. Then I put 2 downloads and when I came back to utorrent to see if they are done,it was frozen. I killed it with task manager. Restarted. uTorrent started checking the torrents and stopped responding again.