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  1. Yep, TheDude and Nightshift, both are wright ( i think) i found where the problem lies. It has to do with the temporary internet files. I deleted the cookies and Temp internet files. (i think Temp internet files is the prob.) Then it worked again. Funny is that i have encountered this several times when updating uTorrent. So, maybe for the FAQ Firon, When getting an error that utorrent is unable to open the .torrent file, try deleting temporary internet files and restart the browser. This worked for me on 3 pc's so far. lynx
  2. Nope, none of the above.. When i save torrent to disk, then open it with a dubble click, it works. But directly opening from an internet link doesn't work. Fault in utorrent i gues.. 1.4 worked fine.
  3. At my dads, i get an error when opening a torrent file.. Unable to load .torrent file... Anyone an idea how to correct this prob.
  4. Firon, on the mainpage, it still says version 1.3.2 391 beta, perhaps time to correct the link, the info and the changelog. lynx
  5. @Icleolion, perhaps you're wright, for new users it's prob. better, but as you said, i indeed try every version, so it's kind of a drag. ahh, fuck it, what am i bitching about, uTorrent rocks, a minor startup delay once and awhile shouln'd ruin my day
  6. indeed, clicking the system tray icon doesn't bring utorrent up... small fix needed. I personally i dislike when utorrent starts (1e time) and brings up the speed settings.... but that's personal. The option is ok, but not forced.
  7. I disagree, i'd like the grips thingy on the main window as well. ... as it is.. lol
  8. it says 1.3.2 beta 390... - small forum error. 1.3.2 beta 390 doesn't save the folder options... MAJOR error in uTorrent. Butttttt, again, it will be fixed soon i guess ... go Ludde, go Ludde, go Ludde...
  9. No problems here, used :
  10. Yep Bloody guy, like the third one with stinger alot. The antenna's look like horns though (demon bee?) maybe change that a little...
  11. Oeps. i missed that one, well whatever, i had the chance to be somewhat creative... again.. lol I like the bee beneath my posting better anyway... greetz and best wishes for 2006 ! Lynx
  12. Wow, love this one, did he break his stinger of ? lol
  13. Hmmm, i just ran utorrent 1.3.1 beta 376 and suddenly it crashed ? out of the blue ! no debug info present, to bad ! correction, dump found and posted !
  14. Whahaaaaaa, Ludde you're F*cking amazing... as i tested 1.3 build 363 with the opening bug you already fixed the bug in 1.3 build 364...... If i were a woman, i would love you, now i just like you alot..... ok i updated to 1.3 !!!! LOL and LOL some more !
  15. I updated 1.2.2 to 1.3 and indeed noticed a problem opening torrents on a (any) site. I switched back to 1.2.2 for now. Else i had to : download torrent manual - open it thrue uTorrents open .torrent function, or else i just can't load the torrent. The 1st torrent i opened in 1.3 worked fine, a second or 3rd one just wouldn;t open the normal way. This definitively is a bug that's pretty shitty.... please fix this fast... i love uTorrent and check the site about every day, but i'll stick to 1.2.2 that's working perfect for me now.... when the open torrent problem is solved i switch to the new version.. Anyway thx Ludde, great job. lynx
  16. uTorrent = brilliant ! so must be the programmer.. ode to Ludde !
  17. Thx for this amazing client. It's superb ! uTorrent rules, the rest are just fools !