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    @schnurlos, editing error at line 6641 of flags.conf: xmission.net|USedinburghhacklab.com|EU
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    ip-198-27-75.net|CA _________________ nbhopewell.com|US
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    bgtn.net|BG ______________ ccaonline.com|US itcglobal.net|US
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    ultratechhost.com|DE ensync.net|ZA ------------------------- comwave.net|US
  6. --2013-03-12: Version 3.4 (build 29315) - Change: removed pause-button from toolbar (it's still in the context menu if you need it)
  7. There are many things in settings.dat that cannot be seen in uTorrent Preferences, including the Advanced Options section. Look at the file with BEncode editor, you might be surprised. Doing this will guarantee that settings.dat is empty so uTorrent will fill it with default values on first run. Alternatively you could delete settings.dat but then uTorrent will always recreate it in the default location which may not be where you want.
  8. uTorrent no longer knows where the files are located due to this which is why you are being advised to (re)set download location.