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    @schnurlos, editing error at line 6641 of flags.conf: xmission.net|USedinburghhacklab.com|EU
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    ip-198-27-75.net|CA _________________ nbhopewell.com|US
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    bgtn.net|BG ______________ ccaonline.com|US itcglobal.net|US
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    ultratechhost.com|DE ensync.net|ZA ------------------------- comwave.net|US
  6. --2013-03-12: Version 3.4 (build 29315) - Change: removed pause-button from toolbar (it's still in the context menu if you need it)
  7. There are many things in settings.dat that cannot be seen in uTorrent Preferences, including the Advanced Options section. Look at the file with BEncode editor, you might be surprised. Doing this will guarantee that settings.dat is empty so uTorrent will fill it with default values on first run. Alternatively you could delete settings.dat but then uTorrent will always recreate it in the default location which may not be where you want.
  8. uTorrent no longer knows where the files are located due to this which is why you are being advised to (re)set download location.
  9. Status column is still all blue in build 29472.
  10. If you just place the uTorrent executable where you want it along with settings.dat the installer will never run. From what I can tell that's pretty much all it does anyway. I've been doing that for years, maybe that's why I never see any of the toolbars or adware or whatever that so many complain about.
  11. @ciaobaby, previously it was only necessary to press CTRL-Shift-R if it was desired to reload flags.conf and flags.bmp, however in 3.3 country flags don't show at all until this action is performed.
  12. Build 28910 still requires pressing CTRL-Shift-R to display country flags in the IP column.
  13. With uTorrent 3.3 beta build 28854, if I relocate torrent files manually with the torrent job stopped then try to set download location in uTorrent it is now necessary to answer Yes to the overwrite question because answering No has the same effect as selecting Cancel. Fortunately the moved torrent files do not get harmed by answering Yes to Overwrite but this is not intuitive and I expect will cause user confusion. It should be possible to answer No to the Overwrite question if the files have already been moved as it was in previous versions of uTorrent.
  14. It is a way to reload flags.conf and/or flags.bmp: http://www.should.keepfree.de/Readme_FLAGS.html Of course uTorrent should display the flags itself without having to do this.
  15. Flags show after pressing CTRL+Left Shift+R.