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  1. "Prevent standby if there are active torrents" on the General Preferences page should take care of this; it is working for me.
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    @schnurlos, FYI the following lines in your flags.test.conf appear to be editting errors: 3970 pfarrell.com|US007mundo.com|CO 4008 pirincom.com|BG2bite.net|IT 4868 static.net|USblk1.net|US 5799 wiktel.com|US0rbitel.net|BG 5800 wiktel.com|UShighland.net|US 5801 wiktel.com|USwiktel.com|US
  3. vovash: if you want to copy uTorrent executable into your program files folder yourself make sure to rename to "uTorrent.exe" and set permissions for Users (or Everyone) to Full Control on the folder where you place uTorrent if you want it to keep its data files there without Adminstrator rights. What Rafi told you is correct, installer code is built into the executable which can run automatically if the executable is not already in its program files folder. It also does need to write to the registry during install, so if you did not let it install itself then run it as administrator the first time after copying to program files so it can update the registry.
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  5. If I move a torrent that has finished downloading to another location while µTorrent 2.2.1 build 24567 is not running then start µTorrent and set download location for that torrent to where I moved the files, µTorrent deletes the files! It seems to be overwriting the files with ghosts from their previous location. If I do a Force Re-Check before changing download location to where I moved the files µTorrent behaves somewhat better, warning that an existing file will be overwritten. But it should NOT be doing any overwriting because it has nothing to overwrite with. It is necessary to let µTorrent do the moving itself, which it now does when a new download location is set. But even this does not work perfectly, security settings from the original download location get copied along with the files being moved rather than the files inheriting settings from the parent directory into which they were moved. Plus time and date stamps get changed. The same unexpected file deletion is also being done by µTorrent 3.0 build 24520 but not µTorrent 2.2 build 23703, which allows the new download location to be set after files have been manually moved in the same way as I am accustomed to doing. My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate x64.
  6. I only did the boss key thingy one time, this permanenty fixed the tray icon for me running under Windows 7 x64.
  7. @iycgtptyarvg: I also experienced the non-visible tray icon problem you describe. Here is the solution I found: Set a Boss Key on the General Options page (I used CTRL-U). Use the Boss Key to make µTorrent disappear, then use it again to make µTorrent re-appear, which should show the tray icon. Now delete the Boss Key (unless you want to keep it) and the tray icon should function normally after that.
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