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  1. Thanks to the uTorrent team for the latest build. Was getting the 'loading' screen of death error, and the cookie fix was crashing uTorrent remotely. The new 490 build has solved all my problems, and I'm back in business. Superb app, gentlemen, thank-you. Looking forward to the WebUI increasing the remote control we have. I'm eager to be able to specify the files in a torrent and see the data currently held in place (Tracker data, DHT etc.) but not currently reported. Thanks, again.
  2. Thanks, Ultima, and my PC will thank you, too, when uTorrent's back online. If only I could control my torrents, remotely, through force of mind and will...
  3. Still not seeing a solve-all or an update from November's version. Lots of us still unable to use this, and the cookie flush crashes uTorrent. This happens locally, remotely, you name it. Can this UI please be updated, or are you sitting on 85% useful? Haven't used uTorrent in months due to this error.