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  1. Well since it was my Idea, and allthough i already said thanks a billion times to the Devs i think it would look better as a thanked sticky , so here goes. I love the Minimilistic feel of uTorrent especially how well it matches my minimalistic idea of Windows (too much things = BAD) anyways Best Client 99% use until DHT comes in thats when it will be 100%. Very good just need to fix this stupid issue with my PIO drive get it to revert to DMA before i can use the full wrath of uTorrent, as this PIO heavily slows it down. Again thanks for the small easy to install best featured, quick updated, minimal bugs (I see none correct if im wrong) and the most dedicated developers i have ever seen. Again thanks to Ludde and Vurlix for the great app, which have changed the lives of so many. RIP. BitComet/Azereus
  2. Browser : Opera / Firefox Video Player : Vlc IM : MSN Messengers Plus + apatch IRC : mIRC VOIP : Not used Audio Player : Winamp Archiving : WinRAR Image Editing : I dun edit Images but if i do its Paint Cd burning : Nero 6.6 the latest build / Alcohol120% Image Mounting : Alcohol 120% Iso Editing: Ultra ISO AV : Nod32 Firewall : Router/Sygate/Pg2 Ftp : Dun use ftp, used to use FlashFXP Text editor/Code editor : Notepad Torrent Manager : µTorrent Download Manager : Flashget Batch File Renaming : Command Prompt System Utils : TuneUp Utilities 2006 Defrag : Perfect Disk Bandwidth Monitor: DuMeter Temp Monitor: speedfan Mp3 Tag Editor: Tag&Rename AntiSpyware: Spybot S&D/ Spyware Blaster/ Ad-aware SE Pro