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  1. well that strange cause other Windows 7'ss windows don't really saves my windows position (depend on the program) or just moving back to default position after some time (it mostly happened on folders or "computer" windows... not to stuff like WMP or IE) i know that utorrent never gave me this bug before i updated to the last version ( i still had 3.1.3.. before.. but i formatted and installed it again from uttorent site.. so maybe they add some minor update on the way) , funny thing though that it remembered the very first position i puted it's wondow in... but after that it just stuck on that position and stop remebering any other positions .. no matter how much i tried to move it window. the same issue happened today on my laptop after i install uttorent there. btw the system try issue happened to me only once.. and stop... i personally more worry about other issues like when uttorent suddenly stop the downloads for me For no dam reason
  2. so far i have 4 bugs i just formatted my pc and installed this version, so there's no left overs from old versions. bugs: 1. for some reason the window that pop up each time i add a torrent don't remeber the position i moved it into... however it stuck for me on the last position i put it and don't remeber any other postions no matter how many times i tried to moved it to other places... it stuck for me on really annoying position... how do i fix it? 2. in rare cases, utorrent auto Stop my torrents.... it never happened to me before... it seem to happend on my second pc too so it not my pc. 3. today for some reason, after i add some magnet link that download some file with 15 gb, Utorrent won't launch for me from it's task bar icon... i had to shut down it process and reopen it... everything seem find atm but it still strange. 4. that a old bug that you don't really will consider as bug xD when you press on the size button (where the "X" button and etc) the window become bigger then your screen and don't remeber the size you set it in. sorry for my bad english btw
  3. umm a quesion, when i add magnet links Utorrent's window don't show the files after some time, does it suppose to be like that or it a bug? (not used alot of magnets in my life...)
  4. sorry, i use the last stable version of utorrent 3 (that at the moment is 3.0.1 build 25815) and not the RC2, however i don't saw anything on the change log that mention a fix to these issues... that why i thought that i need to tell you about them... especially now when the RC versions are been made
  5. when you press on "help" -> "download translations" uttorent just crash... it happened to it pretty dam alot in minor options... it also happened sometimes (in really rare times) when i scroll down in the "Ratings" commits.
  6. another critical bug i just discovered, when you scroll down really alot in a "rating" tab that have really alot of commits (more then 100 if i don't mistake) utorrent will just stop responding! it probably somehow relate to the bug of the black list that appeared after someone scroll down in the rating tab .... can you plz do something about it?
  7. ahh just discover new bug that happend to me today.. not sure is it randomly or rare because it never happend to me before... when you download more then 10 torrents and they all finish to download (not sure if they all finish together at the same time... i leave my pc on for some hours..) and you leave your pc on screen saver mod in that time... you can't launch utorrent window when you double press it icon (from the toolbar) till all the messages from the completed downloads show up...
  8. well it probably not really wise reply from someone that have i7 but the CPU never give me any kind of problems... it on 0-1% *-* what seem to be fixed through in 3.0.1 was the deletion of files =D finally... too bad they not release the change log yet.. i can't be 100% sure what the changes was :\
  9. i look at the change log alot he he =) but i what i meant but "replying" was about replaying to users. of course they can't afford to reply to anyone with random problem.. but at least to these with the beta problems that they aware about...
  10. who is complaining... let me ask you this: please format your c: drive. will you go ahead and do it right away ? ... So' date=' what are your 3 top priority issues ?[/quote'] well my only issues atm are 1. rating window trun black when scroll it up/down 2.windows size never been saved 3.utorrent 3 stop show info bubbles, i mean , when you put the pointer something like 3-5 sec over a file with long name (that show "..." after it name), it suppose to show you the full name of that file in some white little window (bubble), but utorrent 3 stop doing that and i need to double click my files just to see their full names 4.the progrem take it sweet time and make me wait more then minute until it move the removed files to the trash can . as u can see i can survive with my own issues atm but i notice that alot of other users have more serious problems then me... and these days alot of companys do what they think that right and completely ignore the users , i had bad experince with alot of companys that even takes money for their stuff (for example: Nvidia, EA, Microsoft,Dell.) i don't say that they not listen to the community at all.. but there alot of cases that they still not planning/ bothered to solved till today. i not expect from utorrrent to make their progrem more stable by a mere day however they don't really show us any signs that they got our issues and that they going to fix them.... they could at least calm us by reply to our issues.. yet they rarely reply like most of the other companys... what they expect us to think then? *also why they bothered to release so fast the beta version? the 3.0 version clearly show signs that it still uncompleted beta version that at least let u download... but have alot of issues on other feathers atm... on the other hand version 2.2.1 was working just fine.. why to break something that allready work? : o
  11. i really don't understand why the developers don't listen to the community here and just fix what they were asked to fix... this way no one will complain and want to rollback to the old version in the first place...
  12. windows size problems still not fixed : \ also there still no change log... also there are still black lines when i scroll my mouse on the comments tab.... Uploaded with ImageShack.us and last it still take long time until removed torrent/data move into the trash can
  13. ahh ... do they even read about the bugs we repoerted? till now utorrent 3 seem buggy then ever... i consider to roll back to version 2....
  14. something that bothered me for a while too... why utorrent 3 stop show info bubbles? i mean , when you put the pointer something like 3-5 sec over a file with half name (that show "..." after it name), it suppose to show you the full name of that file in some white little window (bubble), but utorrent 3 stop doing that and i need to double click my files just to see their full names... can you fix that plz? alog with the other bugs i send u ? xD
  15. i found another bug... when i scroll down in the "ratings" tab i see black page... till i scroll up and down like crazy lol and then i can see the content btw before u guys going to say that it not happened to you, u must to download torrent that have replys in the rating tab so u can scroll at all lol
  16. hi i new here i don't know where to report about bugs so i will report it here unless someone will give me the right link to do so. i don't know if the two things i was found calculated as "bugs" but i will report them anyway 1. when i delete only torrents from the utorrent without the files i notice it take them more time then utorrent 2 to appear in the recycle can... (i don't happend to delete files yet in utorrent 3.0 so there is a changes that this problem occur at this situation too) 2. when i open torrents and the window of utorrent appear (the one that let you check and uncheck which torrents u want to download) the window never remeber the last size i adjust to it , unlike any other utorrent i used ever. i don't know if you done it on purpose so the utorrent will act like win7 os (which some times not remeber windows last size either) but i know it kinda annoying when you want to see list that contain bunch of torrents . any chance that you "fix" these "bug" ? : O
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