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  1. It didn,t help. I got a lot of different files, hijacking of my startsite and so one. Have used a whole evening and some of the night for deleting files which was hidden. Bitcomet was slow and I,m now trying bittorrent, didn,t get this malware with bittorrent, but it doesn,t work properly. Also tried Frostwire, perhaps I will try Bearshare again, have not used Bearshare since 2005.
  2. Hi New member on this forum. Have used utorrent for years, before that Limewire and Bearshare for a short time. Bearshare was full of shit. Limewire was ok for a while. No I have uninstalated utorrent because some toolbars and other shit which was in som files on my computer. Utorrent have been going the wrong way and I now use bitcomet until I find som better program. Why do you have to destroy such a fine and god program with this tollbars and so on? I will wait some month and and perhaps trying utorrent again. If the same toolbars are there yet, I will unintall utorrent again, if I not find a better program, if I find a better program I will not look at utorrent again.