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  1. Try setting logmask: 0xffffffff in the configuration file' date=' then run the program again until crash, then submit the log messages that you see (hopefully they will indicate something interesting) together with the contents of your configuration file. Also, in the future, I'd prefer if you submitted problem reports to the troubleshooting section of the uTorrent Linux area of the forum.[/quote'] Have added a post with various log outputs in the trouble shooting forum http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=608102#p608102
  2. This keeps keeling over and outputing this to the command line Segmentation fault does not get very far in the logs: [03:57:54] Using locale en_GB.UTF-8 [03:57:54] total physical memory 536870912 max disk cache 33554432 [03:57:54] Loaded ipfilter.dat (0 entries) Reply here if you want me to find any more details in order find the bugs...