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  1. same problem here with 26934, no peers connected... If i can somehow help to find the cause, please let me know how.
  2. Please do not let Phorever Downloading into stable... be gentle to ISPs 3.1 build 25835 - bug still here http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=106028
  3. 3.1b b.25788 - still having these problems: * disk full -> file never set to stopped -> Activate Endless Transfer , fyeah! * disk full -> set file to paused -> pretty soon status is back to downloading. * file set to pause -> restart utorrent -> file status will be set to downloading. * set file label through context menu -> file list is not updated (torrent still showing up under old label). * annoyance removal request: drag'n'drop to new label -> please do not switch view to that new label. it's annoying and pretty inconsistent with every drag'n'drop practise i know.