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  1. I just want to chime in and say that I've been a loyal utorrent user for years. Every time someone asks about a good utorrent program, I ALWAYS recommended utorrent proudly. What you have done is slimy. You KNEW that attaching that extra "want to install utorrent browser" AFTER the license agreement and privacy policy and AFTER you had already asked us twice about the add on would likely lead to people missing that extra line and accidentally installing the bar. You KNEW that users would uncheck those two first boxes, see the "agree" and click yes without reading the end of the sentence because we had already said NO to your extras TWICE. Not only that but below that screen shot the options were "install" and "no thanks" which to me implied that I had to hit install or else the next screen would get me out of my installing process. It's all our fault for not reading the whole script, but it was also YOUR CHOICE on how to design that install. There should have been four check boxes, the first three referring to the extra add ons and the third agreeing to the license and privacy stuff. My husband is a graphic designer who does nothing but interface design and after I made the mistake of installing your stupid bar, he looked at that screen shot and said "yeah that was just them tricking you into installing their add on, it's poor design interface because it manipulates the user." You should all be ashamed. Also, I did everydamn thing I could to uninstall everything, AND IT'S NOT WORKING. NOW IT DOESN'T EVEN SHOW UP IN THE PROGRAM LIST TO UNINSTALL YET EVERY TIME I OPEN ANY OF MY BROWSERS IT'S RIGHT THERE. WTF???????????? I'm furious, but mainly disappointed in you. You have always held yourself to a higher standard up until now, and this was something you should be ashamed of. Good luck winning back your customers.