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  1. ARTillery and I have both seen seen this (see last post) is it cause for concern? Probably //Off Topic :More questions can someone direct me to info regarding VPN and uTorrent I need something free (even if its slow) and nothing works (that I've tried) with uTorrent standalone . Will using the WebGUI make a difference? Is the WebGUI updated as this Alpha standalone is. Was kinda hoping there was anti-Gremlin protection of some shape or form but I'm guess that's not what Plus is about.
  2. Not sure what this is about . Doesn't seem to have any effect on anything that I tried so far. Was just Browsing through the settings when a Windows error Box opened with : "The install of 'C:\Users\*******\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\transcode.btinstall failed. (No signature was present in the subject). BTW looking very nice and haven't broke anything yet