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  1. Can't confirm. Works for me. Win 7 64bit.
  2. The 2.2 skin is great, just give it some it time. it takes a while to get used to. But it's great: sleek and minimalistic as it should be. Really. Think about it. 100x better than the old one.
  3. Now when 2.2 is released, could you please rebuild the language-file? It was I while since it was updated.
  4. @SEtx: I just unpacked it and did a quick and dirty comparison. Packed Filesize: 312 kB, Memory usage after 10min 242 torrents: 19,8 MB Unpacked. Filesize: 675 kB, Memory usage after 10min 242 torrents: 18,7 MB Doesn't seem to differ that that much in practical useage.. What did differ although was quite naturally the speed of launching the application.. packed was about 4-5 seconds slower, while the unpacked launched almost instantly. For the utorrent webservers the packed version saves about 50% bandwidth usage since it half as large. But if you insist to use an unpacked version, just unpack it your self. It's easy: just download PE explorer (trial), load utorrent.exe and then save it.
  5. Crashes after downloading language files @ installer. Then it runs nicely. Uploaded dumps here:
  6. Don't know if you know this but when a user without a signature enters a short text the white wrapping doesn't go to all the way to the bottom. This leaves an ugly grey space underneath. It make the replies hard to read when it changes all the time. Se screenshot if you don't know what I'm talking about
  7. @matias: Thanks for your reply, I know what global hotkeys is and their purpose... The problem is that the very basic hotkey: Ctrl + A isn't a hotkey at all... (or it does not work work me - nothing happens when I press it.) I didn't say that I want lot of options to custimize hotkeys. Remember µRemote isn't a major application for the most of us. So I don't think that is not needed. I just want the most basic hotkeys to work, and no conflicts with the global hotkeys. I hope you understand me better this time. Edit: Thx for 2.0 version, it's looking great!
  8. Wow.. Very nice GUI!! I Especially like the search button. But I'ts not perfect.. 1. There is a lot of shortcuts to actions like "stop all torrents" "start all torrents", "resume all torrents" and so on. But, please, you really don't need this. You just need one shortcut for these actions, and that is CTRL-A, to select all torrents. And then you can select action by press an appropriate button. Please, just keep it simple, people know Ctrl-A, and they don't want or need to learn a bunch of extra shortcuts. Global shortcuts is no good, why? because it interferes with other applications, like photoshop for example. So please once again, remove these global shortcuts, or at least make an option to turn it off. I know it's fancy with with global shortcuts, but what you only really need is just ctrl-A and buttons. Keep it simple, keep it consistent. 2. Make an option to control what the search box will search/filter, as it looks by now it only filter label.
  9. I just auto updated to 1.8.2. So it works.
  10. Why not upload build 14442, as it is the latest version?
  11. I also got debian-40r6-i386-CD-1.iso in my list. Did not work. Tried twice. It even adds itself on restart even if I try to delete it. Fucking virus
  12. Good work there! - Feature: allow btsearch bundling What is that exactly??
  13. The one with the highest build number(that is in the end of the link) of course
  14. 1. Don't look at the the log tab. 2. Wait for next version. It's a beta.. the log spam is a "developer feature". If you don't like it don't look at it.