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  1. The categorisation of the downloads are not accurate, in my case, after i stop seeding a torrent, it is not seen in completed downloads, but have to go look in all torrents to find it. Also finished downloads can be seen in downloading category. Also, one one of the torrents was recieving loads of hash fails, but utorrent 3.1 was not blocking the peer. It was only one user, as whenever any piece was being downloaded from that user. Finally, the user was not visble in the list and the download completed. whew! Total size of the files ~ 4GB, hashfails ~ 2GB!
  2. Antivirus does not update automatically. Also update takes a lot of time. UI needs to be revamped, here if we click on a torrent, and then click anywhere else, the last clicked torrent details like file, info, peers etc are still visible. Device detection is very good, but it needs to be improved further, IMO. We need a conversion option in preferences with the device and settings for it. Also whenever I click on my device, ut crashes.