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  1. I see, I did not expect this was intended. Thanks for the help.
  2. Tried a few ways. It does not read the updated .conf file for me at all. Once settings.dat is created, it overrides anything .conf says, even with root ./utserver.
  3. settings.dat files override .conf file. When I remove settings.dat and .old and start service daemon. It updates the .conf changes I made, otherwise it does not. Using command line options to point -confgifile file and -settingspath dir. Running the server from /usr/local/bin wth -daemon switch and also using "start-stop-daemon". Can you confirm if the -settingspath and -configfile screws with .conf reading? By the way I am not using the server webui, I am using latest webui from webui thread if that has something to do with saving dat files. In a different way.
  4. I think you are right. My changes in config file does not take effect somehow. I will reply back when if I find out it is caused by utorrent but it is unlikely so.
  5. In config it is dir_root, I misspelled it here. Also, ut_webui_port does not work either.
  6. dir-root seems to be not working. says ./ cant be loaded. i use a script to chdir the daemon. very good. no bugs so far. looking forward for it to be always updated release like w32 one. also i would like to build a deb package for using daemon mode as service etc. and want to write a gtk conf editor gui to serve along the utserverv deb. who should i contact?