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  1. check pref.->bandwidth->apply rate limit to uTP connections Yes thanks, that did fix the issue of it not setting the correct limit of bandwidth, I think for one when I installed build 25788, it cleared some of the settings, cause I do believe I use to have that clicked in 2.2.1 version. In fact, pretty sure I did, but thanks Rafi. DARK
  2. Well I have looked on each page in here and so far the only issue I have this is with the bandwidth limit for utorrent itself. The global download rate limiting Maximum download rate (kB/s):[0:unlimited] I have this set to 40kb max, upload is 3kb, and even though it is set as that and I have even gone as far as to reload the build 25788, it still governs at whatever speed it seems fit to run at. This is sorta bad beings I got limited bandwidth to play with here and to use my magicjack and to have 3 others online doing things, so I really don't want to be sucking up all the bandwidth. I have even tried to d/l one at a time and it can still go wideopen on d/l bandwidth with just one file, plz check into that issue. I got lowest DSL and I got to keep everyone happy ya know.