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  1. No one can really say what Windows cache will do. So everything is possible... However it should NOT be possible to disable Windows cache' date=' define your own uTorrent cache as 128M and get a ~0 queue (=cache) and minimal cache ratio-performance like I showed. This is simply a bug, and a serious one! 3.1 3.0 Thanks. I always set this option "disable windows caching of writing" when using 2.2.1 version. But the user manual says that it may cause increased disk seeks (and I suppose this option will let utorrent to use more memory ), so I unset the option when using 3.X. And you're right, this option seems to fail to work in 3.1alpha.
  2. 2.2.1 -> 3.0 release-> 3.1 alpha WIndows x64. The reported problem(80% of 8G is consumed) is a rare situation, but I think it strange to use about 800MB memory. I set disk cache to 256MB, not disable the windows caching of reads&writes. The size of all torrents is 280MB or so , with a lot of rss feeds and labels. So it is not strange if utorrent takes about 300MB to 600MB. But I have no idea why the rest of the memory is gone occasionally? BTW, is it possible to stop uttorrent reading all torrents when it starts? Besides, if the default value of gui.update_rate is 1000, the client is unable to use. I manually set it to 15s to make it respond a bit faster.
  3. build 25788 on windows 7 still has the memory leak. I'm running five torrents, with two downloading at present. 190Mb on UT after a couple of hours. 26 peers on one, rest about a half dozen each, so not under heavy load of anything! I have the same problem. After the client is running for hours, phyical memory is consumed about 50% more(about 3.5-4G) while the utorrent itself uses about 800MB in the windows task manger.
  4. Using this version, the utorrent client also freezes from time to time, especially when downloading speed is over 1MB/s
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