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  1. I am on Win7 x64. I had utorrent worknig for 10d, ~80 downloads in parallel. I removed the anti-virus option, it is completely useless and doesn't seem to work correctly (it is blocked at some update from time to time). It's much better without it and very stable. I don;t see any issue memory wise, no blocking anywhere. I don't use the streaming/converting part so I'm mainly using it only for download/seeding. Compared to stable version, it seems to pick more sources and downloads are faster, which is awesome! See my previous comments: need 64b version. Need order to remain consistent when it restarts.
  2. Good version overall. However, it is very bad that when utorrent restarts the order of donwload items is not preserved. It's really a nightmare to figure out what is being downloaded or not when you have 100s of items in wait list. Please preserve/restore the behavior in previous version. Is there a 64-bit build on windows 7? Thanks