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  1. I have Reported your post, because I don't like that you post public other torrent users with port and everything, because then you wrote everything, you just gave, some hackers and other bad persons ip and ports there posible are open on others system
  2. Where have you seen that? When i go to the download page to get the newest Alpha version, it still says µTorrent alpha (3.1 build 25835)
  3. I still have the same problem about it showing ETA when I have stopped a torrent EDIT: Have now seen another probler/error By some reason It would not take the Upload speed and show it in the torrentlist window
  4. What is the main things to test for? I have just upgraded my utorrent on the test machine (Windows XP Pro SP3 X86) to 3.1 Beta (build 25828) [32-bit]