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  1. Do you think in another decade they'll be able to actually post their releases properly?
    No other software developed in existence is as bad as this.

    -uTorrent team: Grab our new stable release! 
    -Random user: Where can I find it? Links are all previous release!
    -uTorrent team: A random forum user is hosting it! Go grab it 
    -Random user: Hurrah! Virus?
    -Forum: Yes but no!

    One week later.. actually available? Maybe. Download and look at the file properties. Oh it's still the old version.

    Rafi for CEO.


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  2. Hiding TronTV still makes the context menu appear directly after hiding, I reported this a long while back. Also TronTV reappears after scrolling the torrent list or clicking Upgrade to Pro. Is there a setting to hide this permanently? I've not found it..

  3. On 10/3/2019 at 5:51 PM, rafi said:

    Screenshot? I have F8 Tron TV  grayed out in the options menu with my settings, nothing has changed from previous builds...

    Also ofers.tronTV_enable is false in the special-advanced pref... Maybe make sure it is so...

    This happens on both machines.
    Notice how TronTV is still there after I right click and tell it to hide. I have to do it a second time for it to disappear, this second time the context menu does not appear.
    It is a simple, right click, Hide, the context should not appear.


  4. Won't be for long. Also I downloaded your version and TronTV keeps coming back after hiding.

    The tick in the menu doesn't disappear, the actual TronTV item does and reappears when the app is restarted.

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  5. On 7/21/2019 at 6:24 PM, mike20021969 said:

    Good look with that request. "No changelog" has been a regular guest since at least June 2012 making 114 appearances. If you're not used to it now, you never will be.

    I don't want to be used to it, I want people to understand this is substandard coding behavior.
    qBitorrent 4.2 may kill uTorrent for me anyway, I'm over this no changelog drip feeding.

  6. On 7/3/2019 at 6:22 PM, rafi said:

    Can you observe any memory leaking ? large amount allocated, close to 2G, being used? Is so, you can try my specially version (above) set with LAA flag.


    No leak. Still at 116MB. It's just done it again too. Might have to start going backwards in version numbers until I find one that keeps working.

    But before that I'll set my max active torrents lower, it's probably higher than uTorrent is happy with, will keep halving it and see what happens.


    Anyone stabley have their set max active torrents limits at say 200+ or nah?

    Is currently appears stable on 400 active torrents.

  7. So everything's working fine but every few days it stops accepting new connections. Uploads and downloads just stop working and this has been an issue for me for a while now.

    If I add a torrent it sees the peers and the seeds but transfers nothing. Simply restarting the client fixes it. Any tips on what it could be?
    I downloaded Rafi's settings and changed all the advanced settings that I changed to match his and it did help performance but I still have this one issue. I have qBt running concurrently and it has no such issues. Anyone else seen this? Was running 45225, and just now updated to 45271 but I expect this won't change anything.

  8. On 3/7/2019 at 11:44 PM, mike20021969 said:

    Yawn. Talk about a cracked record!
    You need to let go & move on. There's more important things in life, mister.

    I think you need to learn to have standards. Might as well just end this tired excuse for a forum  It's not needed and honestly, neither are you.

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  9. uTorrent doesn't do that great a job of trying to enforce upload limits huh? 44944 stable is the same.. Set to 100kb/s and I'm uploading at 1.5Mb/s =/
    I was uploading at faster speeds than I was downloading. Fun.

  10. This is getting beyond ridiculous, why even bother having a thread when there's no info about the builds at all?

    Might as well just provide a RSS feed for the new builds and a proper bug submission system and just be done with it.

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  11. On 11/5/2018 at 1:32 AM, rafi said:

    Changing the GUI refresh rate gui.update_rate from 1000 msec to 2000 or 3000 can help , but just a bit.


    Tried some tweaks but UI still freezes. net.low_cpu isn't set and the only thing I thought might be related here.
    WebUI is perfectly fine, updates in time but the main UI is completely frozen until downloads slow down.

    Seems to happen when it reaches about 20MB/s or so, UI comes right after it drops below this. PC is still responsive, CPU only at 25%

    so it's related to the amount of connections and the UI, I might drop the connections by half and see if that changes anything, 

    I'd rather the performance anyway screw the UI, but the dev/s should look at making the UI better threaded perhaps.

  12. Haven't changed much of anything, certainly haven't touched any of the more advanced stuff, just cache and ads, connections, loathe to do defaults TBH, wouldn't that mess with my labels? Bout 350 active. 500 max connections is pretty sane yeah? Maybe I should lower it a bit more? Anyway does the UI not have it's own thread or something? Changed a few GUI options as well, will report back if it improves things.

  13. The UI responsiveness needs some work, I've got uTorrent completely freezing the UI while it downloads fine in the background, the mouse over in the taskbar shows uTorrent is downloading/uploading & completing torrents fine but the UI isn't updating if I bring up the full window and at times it just stays blank with no torrents showing in the window at all. My CPU is only at 25% (It's a quad i7) and I have oodles of RAM to spare. Once the torrent has finished downloading, the UI is back to working properly again. Doubt it'll make much difference but I changed the GUI to update every 2 seconds instead of 1. ANyone got any other options they know of that might help?

  14. Just had 44632 just completely force close on me after I started downloading a torrent, never had that happen before, no dump file either, nothing in the Windows logs. =/

    What the heck happened to 3.5.5?

    Looks like I've frozen it this time, disk cache overload, whole UI is frozen. Guess I need to tame my download speed.

    Ain't the first person to experience this and sure won't be the last. The client sure as heck shouldn't be hanging.. Just stop the torrent for a bit or something? 
    uTorrent should be smart enough to choke a torrent if the disk can't keep up.

  15. Well I wouldn't classify it as bad, because qbittorrent checked it either to 100% or 99% and downloaded the rest without issue, didn't watch it unfortunately..

    But uTorrent now does check it to 100%, so it would appear Qbittorrent sorted it where uTorrent failed consistently..

    But I'll send you the link in private and you can see if the same happens for you. Could be related to the 101% bug we all know and love, maybe this might help quash it.

  16. Got a torrent that hits 99% and then uTorrent freezes. Tried stable build, same thing.. Anyone had this before? I've disabled cache, I've run a chkdsk, everything is fine, first time I've experienced this, gonna try some previous versions and see what does the trick.

    Okay, downgraded to 3.4.2 build 39744 and while the torrent freezes the app itself does not freeze.. until I try doing something with the torrent (I tried stopping it) then it froze too. Tempted to just try downloading with another client.