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  1. Yeah, that's really not a problem, It's just most users wouldn't expect to have to do that. If any developers are reading please, if possible try to implement something. On an unrelated note, I would really like to see a mass relocate feature, I'm having to relocate every file individually because some torrents I have look for a subdirectory by the name of the torrent and append it to whatever directory I set as the relocated directory. It would be nice to have a tick box perhaps for this to remove any auto generated directories when relocating. I've found a way around by renaming the torrent and selecting the root as the download location but then the torrent name is changed and this might not be ideal.
  2. Yeah, I know, but when it happened that file was gone too. I have all my torrents saved so I just added them all again and did rechecks. Having uTorrent manage more than one backup and perhaps providing us with the interface to restore previous backups from within the program would be a boon. I really don't feel the .old method goes far enough.
  3. I've lost my profile by upgrading before, can you guys have uTorrent make an auto backup of it's config or something? Perhaps look into it? At least get uTorrent auto backing up either before upgrade or at user specified intervals.
  4. has anyone else experienced their download lists & options being reset? It's happened to me a couple of times, even the backups are blank =/
  5. Couple of small things. When a torrent has finished but nothing has been downloaded the .torrent moves into the specified finished directory, I was thinking it would be more suitable to have it check to see if a file has been downloaded first before shifting the .torrent there. Also I've noticed that sometimes the torrent details for the selected torrent sometimes shows another torrents details under the currently selected tab. Clicking on the torrent again refreshes the view.