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  1. Hey Rafi, could you please duplicate/note down the scrolling issue with the WebUI? Basically it jumps (skips torrents in the process) as you scroll down provided you have enough torrents for it to do so. I'm having to remote connect to the seedbox to avoid the issue.
  2. µTorrent in a nutshell.
  3. An update system that hasn't delivered an update that was released almost a month ago? Now I know 3.3.x is all kinds of screwed up but IDK, I expected more.. I really should stop doing that. Drip.. drip.. drip. Stop being so negative. Seriously though, that's I'm with you here. Many others tend to accept certain limitations, down play them, put a smiley face on it. Ignoring problems or deluding yourself that don't exist doesn't resolve them.
  4. Has 3.3.2 not been rolled out? I found someone running 3.3.1 and clicked check for updates and it said No new version, what's up with that?
  5. Good will? you mean free alpha testing work.
  6. Possibility of a keyboard shortcut for deleting data without the deleting torrent too? Ctrl-delete perhaps?
  7. And in a years or two's time you might see one of the features you've requested implemented, If you're lucky.
  8. I applaud you trying to make a difference, and actually caring enough to type this out. Because the programmer/s has poor coding skill and there's obviously a lack of desire to take significant steps to improve the client. Basically, money. They're not addressing concerns in any sort of timely manner, could be time to jump ship matey, yarr.
  9. http://torrentfreak.com/oops-bittorrent-forgets-to-strip-piracy-terminology-from-utorrent-131116/ Sounds about right, anyone home? I'm afraid TorrentFreak is a bit late. Those have been in there for almost 8 years.
  10. Solid version, sticking with it for awhile yet.
  11. The sole developer is probably more interested in developing pretty purple swirly graphics for Bittorrent. I'd really like to see the tracker get it's own column in the WebUI, that would be hellishly useful, but I guess new offers in the installer are easier to implement and then there's all those bugs. Gotta generate more revenue and "keep the lights on" I do feel though the lights went out some time ago, all except the one in the finance room. Might be an idea to lay this to rest and just move on? It's painfully obvious our expectations aren't being met, unless of course your expectations are more bugs, delays and a lack of development.
  12. People and especially companies generally have an inability to listen to anything that falls outside of what they either want to do or what they believe in. Have you ever known something is the best way or the truth and tried to persuade someone else of it? Personally I just don't bother. If they want to slowly kill themselves let them do it, find another torrent project to follow and help improve, this one is going nowhere fast. Just stop caring, you'll feel better.
  13. There's a very straight forward three word answer to your question, but you won't find it on these forums, unless you get the general gist of the forum posts and draw your own conclusion.
  14. Yes you do otherwise just roll back, saying it needs to be fixed is not going to magically fix it for you. Let Rafi or whoever pays attention to this thread note down the issue and maybe we might see a fix next year, just let it go.
  15. You expect "too much", be happy they even update this thing at all.
  16. Always... It's included in 3.4 (with a few bugs' date=' of cause...)[/quote'] Yeah I remember, hey it's probably the only thing that's been added. With them not even being able to sort out 3.3 ain't no way I'm touching 3.4, I'd rather not waste my own time dealing with the potential issues. Any ideas how many people actually work for Bittorrent Inc? I'm thinking half the staff usernames are the actually the same dude.
  17. LOL always pushin' ya settings. Things are working just fine here.. I do hate that webUI scrolling problem though which I expect will take forever to get fixed.. And not being able to search out files in a torrent is still a pain in the butt, along with the inability to have files auto move when the label changes.. amongst other things.. We'll see how many years I have to wait for all that.
  18. Here's the thing, they obviously don't care. They're just riding this for all it's worth with the least amount of effort required to maintain it. One fix here, one fix there.. what every week? I really wish that guy that found the source code had actually leaked it, I'm sure things would be a lot better if someone with actual skill and determination actually got a hold of it. As it stands even considering the drip feeding and the poor coding quality it's still one of the better clients out there, which honestly is quite sad. I will continue to use it until something better comes up, but I'm far from impressed with the rate of development.
  19. +1' date=' since stability is far far away in the 3.4 branch...[/quote'] 3.4 is probably a good few months off at the very least.. I wonder though if they would think 'cos they already have one in beta they shouldn't have another in beta.. What I think is that any significant changes in uTorrent brings such a sh!t tonne of new bugs they couldn't hope to fix everything problematic in both 3.3 and 3.4 in any sort of reasonable time frame. Fingers crossed someone there is someone smart enough to green light 3.3.3 and just MAYBE we might get this stable build I've been wanting to see for the past year. Is Bittorrent Inc up for the challenge of releasing an actual stable build?
  20. 3.2.3 is solid for the most part. Regress verb 1. Return to a former or less developed state. The "less developed" regressed version here is fairly obvious, I'd say you're upgrading to a previous version An actual stable build would be nice. Still hoping for 3.3.3.
  21. Hey yetisyny I think you completely misunderstood what myself and Rafi wrote, what I'm saying isn't related to offers at all and Rafi knows all about what to avoid/change/not change much better than your mum. So whilst your post does make valid points to the people who have no clue, it's doesn't relate to what either myself or Rafi posted, thanks anyway.
  22. You mean 3.4. Also did you have to quote an entire changelog post? Learn how to forum.
  23. Exactly why I'm avoiding 3.3.x like the plague.
  24. I like how the developers or anyone associated with the code has zero contribution to the forum.