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  1. Or someone just can't program very well.
  2. *cough* 8 months ago *cough* I might have found the reason/bug and the way to bypass the issue till they'll fix it. Try this: - Use shift-F2->Advanced - locate ul_rate_download_thres - change he default 0 to something like 5+ (KB/s) And you are done... Let me know if it helped. There seems to be some residual download rate of 2-3K going on for some reason, that prohibits this alternate limit to take effect. The thing is - they should have just used the seeding/active numbers in the categories ... much simpler... So yeah, I think he knows.. It would seem the dev doesn't though. I suspect I'll be running 3.2.3 for awhile yet, looking forward to 3.3.3 next year.
  3. Ya know, this comes as absolutely no surprise to me personally having frequented these forums over the years but really? Release candidate builds with crashes on install/shutdown/auto updating/loading settings? Those are alpha stage coding issues.. The fix list in 3.3.x truly is amazing to behold, congrats on setting the standard. Ya know, It's almost like the code is fighting back
  4. hmm... my teamviewer|logmein "webui" seems to function flowlessly... ;p I prefer the WEBUI most of the time, it's quicker than using Teamviewer which I also use occassionally when the WEBUI doesn't cut it (setting torrent locations) which I admit would be bloody nice to have in the WEBUI also. But anyway that doesn't detract from the fact the WEBUI isn't doing something it should. Not updating all the torrents regardless of whether there's a "better" option is still something that should be corrected. One more thing, when we will get the ability to move files automatically based on their label (after download)? Constantly moving things around, you don't always set labels before they finish downloading.
  5. Guess I'll hold off trying out qbitTorrent for awhile then.. BTW devs a tracker column in the webUI would be quite helpful. Also have you guys sorted out why in the WEBUI the seeds and peers aren't updated for every torrent? Most just say 0/0 with only a few updating, there's no problems in the actual client.
  6. Any you think other clients do not have issues?... uTorrent + my settings is the best there is' date=' changelog or no changelog ... [/quote'] Is there any software that doesn't have a single issue bar Nasa's space flight software? probably not. The point I'm getting at is best client or not, something's bound to overtake it. There's only so long you can stand still in a race before you lose your position.
  7. Speak for yourself... You failed to grasp what I was getting at here. The reason why nobody expects a change log is because most of the time there never is one. The amount of times people have asked "where is teh changelog?" is by no means a small number' date=' hell you'll find me asking the same thing. Nice to see people coming to the same conclusion. I expect we'll see other clients start to pick up in popularity.
  8. I don't think any of us here expects a changelog and even if it was available it would have one.. maybe two bug fixes if you're lucky. A solid weeks work.
  9. Which is unsupported at these forums AND this thread is about version 3.4 But 3.4 is the development version, they're not going to patch 3.2.3 or 3.3 for this issue are they? The WebUI version hasn't changed versions at all you understand, so this could be version 5.0 and it's going to have the issue. But really just to make this post more relevant and to also prove a point to you I grabbed 3.4... and guess what? It did the exact same thing. No surprises there, guess I can get support for this now aye?
  10. No, thank you for removing posts that hit the nail on the head with regards to the number and quality of updates. Rather than respond you'd rather just delete posts, It speaks volumes.. really. So If you guys still feel like developing this program could you fix the scrolling in the WebUI? I have a label with currently 421 torrents, pressing the down arrow when I'm on the top torrent jumps the list down about two entries until the 7th press when it jumps approximately 25 entries. It does this every time on the 7th downwards press. It also occurs when scrolling too at the same point, which I can hit on the third mouse wheel scroll. This issue only occurs in the Webui and makes it quite hard to navigate the torrent list, I have to connect via Teamviewer to get proper scrolling control. Can duplicate this on Firefox and Chrome (no scrolling addons enabled in either browser) This issue is currently in 3.2.3 but I assume it's in the newer builds also as the WebUI has had zero changes to it in I don't know how long.
  11. Here. --2013-08-14: Version 3.3.1 (build 30017) - Fix: Problems
  12. Doesn't matter what is changed.. it's going to be unstable regardless, you know that. At least make an effort adding something new, shouldn't that part of the development cycle if it spans close to a year? Can't expect me to believe they've already added all the planned features to 3.4 when the first Alpha was released and then set about spending 3/4 of a year just fixing the bugs from those added features before they attempt to add more new features which would result in another 3/4 year wait for a new version? Oh wait..... that's exactly what happens, maybe that's why I mentioned it. Actively updating the amount of bugs they're tracking more like. Cool, if everyone hasn't lost interest waiting for a year sure, we can look at the changes.. Shouldn't take long.
  13. No new features I suspect. Development is dead.
  14. --2013-7-129: Version 3.3.2 beta Sure are a lot of days this month.
  15. Does it deserve to be called a beta at this stage?
  16. I force start quite a bit and right clicking to do so is hardly a bother.
  17. Yeah.. I don't know what other software besides uTorrent your testing but this is not my experience AT ALL with beta and alpha software, I'm about ready to give up following this. Maybe things might get interesting when they release a paid version, how many years away is anybody's guess, maybe that'll kickstart some actual delevopment. 3.4 should be out next year sometime, might check back then -yawn-
  18. Alpha, beta, stable doesn't matter. It's uTorrent, lower your expectations.. now lower them again, there you go.
  19. Crashing too much huh? So you test this after you release it and not before? What's going on with the state of uTorrent ATM? Project seems near death.
  20. 1 month and.. - Change: mutable torrent UI changes - Fix: hangs on installer Are you guys actually developing uTorrent at all? Doesn't seem like it.
  21. No it isn’t. The money is generated out of the "Offers" I didn't write that.
  22. Yup, they're working on it, give them a few years.. I think evolution works at a faster pace of development than the sole single dev working on uTorrent.
  23. Main focus of µTorrent 3.3.1: - Silent auto-updates Main focus of µTorrent 3.3.2: - Fixing said silent auto-updates
  24. This is pretty much what I said in a post a mod felt like deleting. I feel like I'm still using the same client I was years ago, very little in the way new features added. Years go by, bugs get fixed. Waiting on some real changes.