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  1. Yeah been like that for a long time, I really wish they'd focus some attention on the Webui. Ran some suggestions last year for it that probably went ignored, I use the Webui more than anything else.
  2. Hopefully? Surely... Surely? Hopefully!
  3. I would like to think it's cos they're smart enough not to be rolling this out to everyone yet.. I'll certainly be skipping it. 3.3.1 should hopefully fare better.
  4. I would buy it. Heck' date=' if it will be free, I will just send you money out of excitement and happiness.[/quote'] +1 to that. Yeah and added a whole host of bugs to boot. Bittorrent really needs to get it's head around what a stable release is.
  5. *Cough*What happened to the dozen RCs as per previous releases?
  6. LOL Release candidate, keep it in Beta, seriously.
  7. Maybe disable auto update for betas for starters? If Bittorrent is gonna roll betas out to everyone for testing why not at least try to mitigate the damage of the buggy alpha quality builds we know are going to come? Yeah, but it's not like everyone here is an official beta tester, Bittorrent roll these out for everyone to try and give no warning of just how bad they can be.. so sure since your guide seems to be THE guide to use perhaps putting that in might get somebody here thinking.. if THE guide says don't auto update why do we have an auto update feature? Hmmmmmmmm.
  8. No auto-backup-on-update "feature" yet ? ... If I remember rightly, weren't you always of the opinion that such a feature wasn't really required? I'm sure I remember you saying something to the nature of "backup before you test, they're beta builds" Now you've changed your tune? I made a suggestion for the backup of settings, can't say I remember getting much support from anyone, but certainly a backup of the whole folder would be nice pre upgrade and I think I mentioned that. To whoever works for Bittorrent I gift you a mini rant: If you're going to use your forum members for beta testing (and I use the word beta here extremely lightly because generally many of the builds are more alpha quality due to what's fairly apparent to be a complete lack of testing) why not give them the ability to be able to auto roll back to the pre update state via the client? How many "reverting to xxxxx build" posts have you seen here? Maybe a few? Yeah... Anyway cheers for reminding me of that Rafi. As you were.
  9. If you're gonna grey something out....
  10. First post needs to be updated, 3.3 beta is referred to as an alpha.
  11. Surely the limiter ain't a seriously hard thing to fix as for the not-fully tested IO system It's been 7 months, surely it would have received some sort of testing beforehand.. Although we are talking BitTorrent inc here.. =/
  12. is 3.4 only ever going to be a test build? Seems a little pointless in releasing 3.4 unless other features make their way in many of the fixes would appear to be 3.3 related. You should update 3.3 to include auto updating (there doesn't seem to be any major issues with it from what I see) While on the topic of 3.3, it could probably hit a beta phase about now.
  13. What did you expect? Everybody on the net said that would happen. Now I wouldn't say it's terribly bad but there are things that need to be addressed., I wish we'd see some of these issues improved in 3.3.
  14. Really interested in knowing what's going on here.
  15. It doesn't have to be this bad though. Well here's something to think about, why are there so many betas for these simple bug fix builds? It's almost like they're unsure they can even fix their own bugs, doesn't that make you think about the coding quality? I really think so many betas is overdoing it, it's just one giant beta test version, without a doubt it shows a lack of testing. Now I don't mind if people want to constantly test these patches and report simple issues found within minutes of testing (I mean.. it's your time)..but at what point do you say I'm tired of finding basic issues in "beta" software. I don't know of any other software that has such a poor development process. Can you name one that does things in a similar fashion? I follow quite a few and I can't name one, look at all the fixes over the last few versions. For such a reasonably sized company (you all know the dollar value here) the builds contain very few fixes and generally break something in the process. I also question how many coders are working on this, I see larger and more frequent commits by one man teams that have day jobs, color me unimpressed.
  16. We're talking about bug fix changes in a beta bug fix build (3.2.2) of a bug fix build (3.2) built upon 3 previous bug fix builds (3.1.1, 3.1.2, 3.1.3) not an entire client, you don't have to code an entire client to see the following: a) There's little to no testing done before a release They tend to break more than they fix. Tell me I'm wrong Zarggg, these beta releases should be better than this, especially considering the above. It's not like ground breaking new features are being added or anything (see release notes in 3.1.x & 3.2) that would cause so many bugs now THAT I could understand. It's just poor quality coding and I'm not the first to say so and I wish it was better. You reckon there's going to be a 3.2.3?
  17. LOL, seriously.. what are you guys doing over there? Should hire some better programmers...
  18. transferring a file through WebUI via get file(s) which doesn't exist (already deleted) results in a 0 byte file being downloaded, can we just have it pop the message 'Error: file doesn't exist'?
  19. 28086 wasn't respecting my 'Put downloads in' Directory setting which was C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\Torrents\Downloading it stuck them in C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\Torrents Downgrading to 3.2 fixed it.
  20. Yup. They've goofed it. Perhaps a drop down box? Delete partially downloaded content on torrent completion - Automatically -Prompt - Never You don't have pre-allocation on do you?
  21. 3.2.1 is done. Released. No news about it on the front page (Why is the website so bare? get some news on there!) no topic update or statement.. just secretly posted to the download page..
  22. 3.2.2. Topic title is wrong. Thankful for a another bug fix type build.
  23. Well when you see news of a stable before a forum post.. or even an update, it still says 28086 is RC2 on the first page.. Anyway cheers for the reply even if you were a bit of a douche about it. Also your reply doesn't in any way address what I was commenting on in the first place, which makes me wonder why you replied at all.. Guess Osmosis was fairly accurate.
  24. 3.2.1 stable leaked to web? =/ Okay.. Thought there were still issues to resolve things to improve.. 3.2.2 anyone?