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  1. I have a much better idea that may work out for everyone. When you start a magnet link, have the torrent dialog come, but have the option to enable or disable automatically obtaining the torrent's metadata from there. Or at least put a button in the dialog that says "Obtain info" so we can see the files. Really, the way its currently being done is next to useless. There are already a dozen torrent clients out there that have this feature yet uTorrent is still lagging behind in magnet link handling. This is a known problem webwide and most people want it fixed. I don't imagine its very hard to fix either. I find this basic feature very helpful, which is why I currently use Tixati.
  2. The hashfailing problem seems to have stopped with the latest build. Quick suggestion: I think PSPs and Zunes should be added to the supported devices. I realize hardly anyone has a Zune anymore, but the PSP should definitely be supported. It still has one of the biggest screens of any handheld device out there.