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  1. Why is uTorrent Install no longer respecting my custom installation folder? This is a very serious bug, and not a "feature" that I would agree with having. It's rather ridiculous, because uTorrent has always been seen as being portable, but recently it began asking to install itself, and now it just silently installs to the Roaming folder! It even forgets completely about the custom installation, and doesn't even bother to copy the settings or torrents from it (which is what I would expect it to do if this really is a feature, so that the user is not shocked into finding a factory-reset, empty torrent client!!) Please fix this as soon as possible and have uTorrent install in the custom user-chose directory or if you really want to force everyone to install into the default directory (WHY?) at least migrate from the custom directory properly so that the upgrade is seamless to the end user! Do we really have to resort to tip #R from rafi to fix this?
  2. Hey if you don't like the colors just go somewhere else OK? Did I say I'm as good as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs here? Did I? Stop putting words in my mouth, and watch your own mouth. Get the f off if you don't like my "obscure" tips and "vague" explanations. Any idiot can understand my instructions, it's that simple. If you want it broken down to tiny baby steps presented in a Powerpoint because you don't know even a single thing about computers, go somewhere else. I can't cater to you or your whims Mr Mother Theresa Junior!
  3. Can't you be more civil about reporting the dead link? Why do you have to get so pissy about it and talk rudely about my smartness. The website hosting the file is having problems at the moment as they are upgrading servers. This is obviously not under my control since I'm simply an user at the website, and your reaction to this situation clearly shows who is the dumb one here. Here's the file, I'm letting you download through my Dropbox account: Be thankful. And my instructions are simple enough for others who have used them, yet you find it so difficult, messing up your uTorrent with so many unnecessary files. I wonder why. Try this (NOTE: You don't need to do the following if you're going to put the above file as "current.btskin". It will work out of the box.): Delete your, btskin and files. Open your current.btskin file in WinRAR. Drag out the btskin file inside. Open the dragged out btskin file in Notepad and edit it. Save it. Drag the edited btskin file into the WinRAR window of current.btskin and accept overwriting. Close WinRAR and restart uTorrent. If you still can't get it to work, you're doing something wrong. You could just send me your current.btskin file (original one) and I could send you back the modified one. And please, be more civil next time or I won't bother so much about you.
  4. LOL, I'm certainly not anywhere near Bill Gates or Steve Wozniak though we do share a few traits (such as atheism and interest in computers). But thanks a lot for the compliments! I'm glad my post has been of help to you PS: Your pictures are not loading, if you were trying to show something there. It says the files contain errors. I suggest for file uploads.
  5. Alt+0181Torrent sounds better PS: Alt+0181 = µ
  6. My running build is still 25460 and Check for Updates says "No new version." I know I can get 25516 from the first page of this thread but it doesn't seem to be officially released. Maybe the reason there are no release notes is that these builds are not released, but you're beta testers
  7. I could have sworn I read up the thread that gui.show_welcome_node was supposed to do it' date=' but it doesn't work for me.[/quote'] I have it on "false" and doesn't work. Try Preferences > UI Settings > System Tray > Show balloon notifications in tray (but I think this will disable all balloon notifications). I can't find anything that will specifically disable the "Accepted launch" balloon notification. I agree that this notification is quite annoying, especially when you're already getting an Add Torrent dialog box. uTorrent should only be popping it up if I set it to add all torrents automatically without user intervention (such as the Add dialog).
  8. I just created a guide for it too If you only want to change the speed graph colours and nothing else
  9. Are you like me who travelled the journey of life a long way with uTorrent and have grown to love the style and looks of the Speed Graph in uTorrent 2.2 and earlier? You'll very likely agree that the dark blue background with white text is just unbeatably attractive and easy on the eyes. But in uTorrent 3.0, they changed everything. They now have a light grey background with black text, which looks really ugly IMHO. Lucky for us, they also introduced the new skin format (back in v2.2 actually), where you can change the colours of anything in the user interface. If you notice my first screenshot, it says µTorrent 3.0 in the title bar. It's because I have skinned it. If you're not using any skin in the new format (just plain vanilla uTorrent; not sure? see below), you can just download this file which I have created: Old_Graph_Style_in_uTorrent_3.btskin Double-click on the file to install the skin (if the file type is associated with uTorrent) or drag and drop the file onto your uTorrent window. You will have to restart uTorrent for the skin to take effect. I have seen other .btskin files floating around claiming to set your speed graph in the old colours, and I've checked them out. They do change your graph colors but they change a lot of other colors too. My skin here will only change the colors of the speed graph. The rest of uTorrent 3.0 will look exactly like uTorrent 3.0. The colors used are original colours of uTorrent 2.2 as they are copied from the official Guide to Creating Skins which carry the 2.2 color values. If you're currently using a skin in new format (not sure? see below) you have to modify your existing skin file unless you don't mind losing your current uTorrent look. Find the skin file (see below) and open it in 7-Zip or WinRAR. (You may want to back-up your skin file before proceeding.) If you find a file named btskin (no extension), drag it out to a temporary location, then edit it in Notepad. If there's no such file, then create a file btskin using Notepad (remember to avoid the .txt extension). Change or add the following lines to this text file: graph_bg:000040 graph_border:c0c0ff graph_text:ffffff graph_ruler:20209f graph_legend_bg:000020 graph_legend_text:e0e0ff Once saved, just drag and drop the new btskin file in the 7-Zip or WinRAR window and allow overwriting existing file in the skin file archive. Restart uTorrent for changes to take effect. Tip: Don't have a suitable archive manager such as 7-Zip or WinRAR? You can rename the skin file to and make changes using the ZIP support of Windows. Just remember to rename it back to current.btskin. If you're not sure whether you're using a skin in the new format, just open the %AppData%\uTorrent folder (or wherever your uTorrent settings.dat is) and check if you have a file named current.btskin. This is your skin file that you have to modify. Hope you like it! Feel free to ask any questions. Edit: Minor changes in first paragraph. Edit: Underlining for easier look-up. Edit: Changed to Dropbox hosting.
  10. Topped 3% on my computer. Most of the time 0% or 1%, sometimes 2%, rarely 3%. I have 162 torrents with 15 seeding, none downloading. Are you using latest build 25440? (Help > About uTorrent)
  11. Oh, yea the latest build is 2 days ago. Sorry again Btw, is there any way to have absolute date/time (instead of the relative an hour ago, 10 months ago etc) displayed for the Added and Completed On columns? Or at least have absolute shown for older than 24 hours. EDIT: Oops, found it! gui.use_fuzzy_dates in Settings > Advanced
  12. Oh, I sincerely apologize for it. If 2.2.1 will auto-update to 3.0 soon, there's no problem then. I just noticed a lot of users being stuck at 2.2.1 even though 3.0 is already released, so I thought a manual update was necessary. I also realized after reading your reply that 3.0 stable was released just 2 days ago. Thank you for correcting me. PS: I LOVE the "Play" button. But I wish it to be active for all torrents (not just for the selected torrent) in the Details view. And it could be expanded to "View", "Run" and "Open" (opens the folder). [Hmm I should really be posting this in the Feature Requests.]
  13. Why doesn't 2.2.1 auto update to 3.0 stable? I was under the impression that I'm using the latest and greatest uTorrent, but then I thought.. hmm, uTorrent hasn't been updated for quite a while. Help > Check for Updates... "There is no new version available at this time." Visit the uTorrent website, and I find "DOWNLOAD NOW! uTorrent 3.0 for Windows" :mad: