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  1. The torrent view doesn't go back to initial "compact" view after clicking on view button at toolbar - it just keeps switching between two - classic list and somewhat expanded list. After restarting the uTorrent the view is back to compact. I really like that view with narrower lines which allows more torrents to be seen on the screen! http://bayimg.com/nAkhkaAdP
  2. I was just following the instructions DreadWingKnight gave - to copy peers list. Anyway - anyone can create a random torrent and retrieve some people IP addresses and ports that way. Isn't it a bigger security risk?
  3. True, but there are also others. Created another new file and torrent and it has already 5 peers in total. Edit: removed quoted peers list.
  4. As I mentioned I'm experiencing high peer numbers only with DHT, no anomalies with UDP.
  5. No idea whether it's 3.1b25835 issue or something bigger but on W7/64 DHT peer counts seem to be way high, especially with freshly created new torrents. Sometimes the peer numbers climb up to 60-70 and after a while drop back to less than 10. When in high state clearing the cache clears the number but it starts rising again back to it's previous level. Can reproduce with the following steps: 1) create a .txt file with random contents 2) name the file something unique 3) create a .torrent 4) load the torrent 5) watch peer numbers rise Just tried that and saw peer numbers change the following 4 seconds - 3, 2, 15, 24. And that 24 stays... (Edit: emphasised DHT peer counts part)