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  1. Can you check if this happens when you set Pref.->advanced->diskio.use_partfile to false ? The torrent needs to be "added" as a new torrent again, tho... Got a torrent again today which kept hanging at 99.x% even after changing that setting. Restarted uTorrent and the torrent finished near instantly.
  2. 3.1 Beta build 26419 Might be reposting some of the already mentioned errors, but just to confirm they appear more often. 1) Torrent stuck on 99.9% for hours (with lots of seeders), only finishing after restart of the client. 2) uTorrent Remote does not accept answers to the security question and when setting a new username, after restarting the client or the pc, it thinks it's installed on an other pc. 3) When torrents are checked after a crash / restart, full computer memory is used blocking every other possible use of the computer for minutes upto hours (12 GB of memory in combination with 4-40GB torrents). Can't this be less invasive?
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