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  1. Maybe your AV is acting up with a new exe? Nope, it was there, right after utorrent restarted after an upgrade. After I restarted utorrent again, it seems to work. But it was 100% there.
  2. 3.3.1 build 29782 You've got to be shitting me - "Checked 0.0%" bug is back with that last build!!
  3. --2013-04-05: Version 3.3.1 (build 29472) Checked 0.0 bug is still there thanks.
  4. UPDATE Magnets that are manually added are also stuck at "checked 0.0"
  5. Version 3.3.1 (build 29438) Torrents that are automatically added by RSS downloader (magnets) and that are automatically started are all Stuck at "checking 0.0"
  6. 2013-03-11: Version 3.3.1 (build 29301) Crashes 100% all the time, when you "delete torrent + data" when there is no data, in situations when torrent is being added to the list by RSS doawloader, in Stopped/Paused state.
  7. --2013-02-26: Version 3.3.1 (build 29213) Will always crash, if you "remove and delete .torrent + data", when there is no .torrent file present in Roaming\utorrent folder. Which can be the case sometimes with RSS Downloader added files.
  8. --2013-02-26: Version 3.3.1 (build 29213) crashing on "downloading metadata"
  9. 2013-02-26: Version 3.3.1 (build 29213) Remove "torrent + data" only removed one of the two downloaded ".torrent" files from AppData\roaming\utorrent folder. The second file got locked by the application itself.
  10. Speed -> Transfer History Can you make the TAB reflect transfer history PER torrent (if highlighted/selected) in addition to overall transfer history, which is default.
  11. --2013-02-26: Version 3.3.1 (build 29213) crashed on "deleting data + .torrent" while the file was just added by RSS downloader and was still fetching metadata
  12. Version 3.3 (build 29111) When sorted by Name, "alternate list background color" goes away in that Name column only
  13. Can't get this new beta to install. It launches and then closes on its own in 1-2 seconds. No window no nothing, just looking at the Task manager.
  14. Version 3.3 RC 1 (build 29010) Still doesn't always deletes ".torrent + data", when selected to do so.