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  1. Crashed running a speedtest
  2. Just crashed again. Crash dump: If I use the "delete" button; it WILL crash on the 4th torrent to be deleted. The first 3 will be removed from the list, the 4th one will crash. Be it one-by-one or 3 or 4 at once.
  3. Just crashed again. Crash dump:
  4. I just performed clean install, we'll see. How it goes.
  5. Just performed a clean install of this utorrent 3.4 first build. ...God forbid you decide to change the default playback player from uTorrent player to anything else - Settings window will not let you close it until you assign computer name and password, even though you have utorrent remote access disabled by default and it is greyed out!
  6. do yo have more than 10 torrents in the list?
  7. Version 3.3 alpha (build 28508) RSS Downloader torrents cannot start and are stuck in "Checked 0.0%"
  8. Had roll back to 3.3 3.4 in its first build is beyond unusable, since such a trivial thing as deleting torrents crashing it...
  9. This Critical Bug occures only when there are more (about) than 10 torrents in the list...
  10. UI BUG "Completed On" column shows tracker name, instead of date "Uploaded" shows seeds/peers "Seeds/Peers" shows total uploaded data per torrent
  11. Deleting '.torrent + data' of torrents that have not downloaded anything yet (just added to the list) - crashes the utorrent completely //torrent was automatically added by rss downloader, but not started At least 'data' gets deleted, but .torrent file itself, and entry in the utorrent still stays in the list after a crash-restart. I can manually right click and select 'remove' an entry in the list, but if I select two at the same time or if remove only one and then try remove another - only the first entry gets removed and then utorrent crashes on the second entry or second attempt to remove another entry.
  12. The latest build is 28203. Can you run that and see if you get a startup crash? It was; but once I uninstalled and reinstalled utorrent anew -latest 203 build is working fine. i suspect next update will cause crashes again, until I uninstall / install anew again.
  13. Host anywhere and post a link here.
  14. unrelated to the issue above - when I do "remove data + .torrent" it never removes the .torrent file. They all accumulate in my \roaming\utorrent folder
  15. started to crash again, after the latest update. Where do I submit the dumps?
  16. All RSS torrents are stuck in "Connecting to Peers"
  17. I've performed a full uninstall / reinstall - it works fine now. Sorry deleted all the dumps in the process
  18. build 28146 Crashes on first launch of the downloaded .exe file
  19. All RSS Downloader torrents, that set start automatically are STUCK at "Checked 0.0" 3.3 alpha (build 27930)
  20. RSS downloader no longer obeys Main Default Download Preferences since 3.3 alpha (build 27893), and perhaps (build 27841) as well My default download folder under RSS downloader is blank my main preferences default download folder path is C:\Users\USERNAME\Downloads\torrents before last two builds all automatic rss downloads went into \downloads\torrents since the last two builds all RSS downloads files go directly to \downloads Please look into it, if you have time. Thanks for a good job.
  21. build 27251 Once in a while I test the new 3.3 build; and this latest one seems to be be working without any major bugs now. However the download/upload speeds are horrendous. I don't know what's the deal is, but had to roll back to 3.2 to be able to download/upload again. 3.2 usually works on 2000/250 3.3 jumps randomly but howers around 200/50 KBytes/s (down/up)
  22. still same major error on all new torrets added; build 27184: error: handle is invalid All the torrents that were automatic added to the list with builtin RSS Downloader are bad.
  23. getting - error: handle is invalid starting and/or re-checking doesn't help torrents added as magnet url build 27179
  24. labels and folders: there are several bugs, but I'll explain them separately 1. "default" labels cannot be renamed, or deleted from the column on the left, once the feature "labels and folders" was triggered - on/off. Even after you disable it - labels stay. also, now I have corrupted name in label, i don't know how, but it appeared only after I played with this new feature. see screenshot 2. if you happen to delete the default labels first with [-] - then you won't be able to delete defaults paths afterwards. You need to re-create the labels again to match the path below to delete the path... Mostly the fact that I can't remove those labels (see screenshot) bugs me the most.
  25. Did you try rechecking them? Recheck was failing. new 27150 build fixed that problem. But now I've noticed major bugs around new "labels and directories" feature. Will explain in the following post.