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  1. Back to 27138 and everything works fine now.
  2. I'm getting a lot of errors in status of the torrents: "error: invalid download state, try resuming.." and "error:handle is invalid" ^This happened right after the upgrade from 3.2 beta (27138)
  3. Latest build - 27138 fixed my random crashes; thanks. utorrent used to crash randomly every 5-20 minutes; when there were more than 20 torrents in queue (with 10 or so it seemed to hang in there).
  4. build 26837 running speed test Setup Guide (Ctrl + G) twice in a row crashes uttorent. utorrent quits to desktop, before completing the second pass
  5. 27026 crashes randomly now about 10-15 seconds
  6. Win 7 /x86 . It crashes when you try and double-click a torrent to open the folder. +1
  7. >>3.2 beta (build 26934) still hangs randomly about every hour or so have just 15 torrents downloading - 500mb-1.5gb on average
  8. which file and where is it so I can send it?
  9. 26934 still hangs randomly for me. Can somebody contact me for logs etc?
  10. Not true. It does that only if it was a single file torrent' date=' or there is an unrelated file in that folder. That being said, there is this bug we mentioned before - when uTorrent suggests a folder in the add-torrent dialog even if it was a single file torrent. In this semi-buggy case - it will not delete the new folder... [/quote'] It doesn't delete the folder for me. Dialog doesn't change much- I always click "yes"
  11. Remove and delete .torrent and data; doesn't delete the torrent folder. It just leaves it empty.
  12. Version 3.2 beta (build 26904) hangs all the time and at random
  13. ^Correct answer to the different question. Not this one. Had to read up on this. apparently it is the default behavior and it will always preallocate files, unless you use "sparse files" and/or "compact writes" in advanced setting
  14. Regardless of the "pre-allocate all files" option - utorrent always preallocates all files; enabled/disabled doesn't make a difference. Why?
  15. Major "Save In" folder/path bug. Scenario: say I download a torrent named "nameone". utorrent will suggest I download it to folder "C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\torrents\" say I download a torrent named "nametwo", shortly AFTER I decided to download the first one. This time utorrent will suggest I download it to folder "C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\torrents\nameone" and it gets progressively worse. next torrent will be downloaded into: "C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\torrents\nameone\nametwo"... etc
  16. We believe this is fixed in the December 7 build. Please let us know if you see it after that. Issue fixed in RC8 and RC9 so far
  17. btw, multiple dumps were automatically submitted to developers, upon the crash window prompt.
  18. uTorrent (RC7) crashes every time I connect my phone (HTC G1) to the USB to be charged. Started with RC6 or RC5. Any way to disable this "device" function altogether in settings; not planning on using utorrent to automatically transfer files there.
  19. When it is "ducking" works, that's when.
  20. Mine shows 3.1 build 26419 updated?