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  1. When saving in Notepad try "Save as type"= All Files (*.*) not as *.txt Thanks for the M$ tip. Wish it was a real operating system where one could (logged in with appropriate permissions) type in less than one second" 'touch settings.dat' and get you asked for. Sigh. M$. Sigh.
  2. Yes, we never know what the next beta build will bring, but hey, that's why we try them and when necessary report, so that any issues can be resolved for the next build. Back to my problem, I tried your simple suggestion, but sigh, M$ as always makes easy things hard and insisted that "settings.dat" must and can only be named "settings.dat.txt". Sigh. I suppose I could have gone down to DOS and _maybe_ eventually fixed that on the command line. Instead, already having copied everything to backup dirs, shut down the troublesome uTorrent beta and moved that entire directory aside, I then (WITHOUT de-installing the uTorrent beta), simply downloaded and installed the most recent _stable_ production build to the default location. Client problem immediately solved and doing it this way I didn't lose anything. Bits are moving up and down just like before and all my seeding torrents are just fine, so life is good on this point; will revisit when the next beta build comes along. Hope my experience and report helps anyone with the same symptoms.
  3. You mean that *before* the above event this same version worked fine? I recall 3 rapid successive power outages. Power outages here are NOT unusual, you expect several _daily_, so I doubt power outage made any difference. I only included that for the sake of timeline. The first reboot offered the opportunity to download the newest (in question) uTorrent beta, which I did, installed and it started running, but not long enough for me to look at much of what was gong on ... Zap, power out again another half second. rebooted again then noticed symptom as described ever since. Then the third power snuff. Still, everything _else_ works just fine as usual. The salient info is that prior uTorrent betas never exhibited this nasty symptom; it's specific to build 26934, minimally on my host. Hence my posted query and my only current problem.
  4. Turbo-eyeballed the thread; don't see anyone reporting the same. Response at TorrentDay from someone obviously using a different version tells me that the problem isn't at TD, thus it either must be local to me (running uTorrent under Windoze7 current patchlevel, nothing new for a few days prior to the problem ... or with .... Installed the latest uTorrent beta (build 26934, 32bit), 20 or so hours ago. Then after a power blackout and subsequent reboot, no torrents moving any bits up or down. All of _my_ current 185 seeding (read: uploading) torrents show (example:) 0(22) seeds, and the single one I'm trying to download shows the same, nothing happening. Trackers show healthy for all, yet no bits are moving. Haven't seen this in the 2 years I've been a TD member or almost the same timeframe using uTorrent in almost all successive stable and beta releases. Anyone else experiencing same? No apparent TCP/IP or DNS problems here, otherwise I couldn't be posting this query, and I'm able to access anywhere else, from both my M$ and my UNIX boxen, with at this moment tons of useable but unused broadband bandwidth. Also no firewall issues; haven't changed any such recently.