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  1. So, anything about the other problems/bugs? Do you guys have them too?
  2. That's indeed my intention, however I guess his right about the abuse by leechers.
  3. List of uTorrent Plus Alpha bugs / quirks I've encountered Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on Core i5 2410 with 8GB RAM 1. Hash fails - When downloading a relatively large file (More than 100MB, in my case it was Kubuntu 11.10), hash keeps failing and loads of bad data is downloaded, however, download still progresses albeit really slowly because each piece is usually downloaded 4 times until uTorrent believes it's the correct one. Download will advance until the last piece, which will never complete as it goes into an infinite loop of hash check fail and redownload. I have to manually stop the torrent and force a recheck which completes the download right away but apparently without the last piece. 2. Crashes - When downloading multiple torrents, the completion of one torrent will cause the application to crash, and at least one restart of the application is needed where uTorrent will recheck everything and finally complete that torrent. (Note: Not all the torrents will cause a crash, most of the time it's the large ones.) 3. Streaming seldom works - I've noticed that streaming of video files don't work 90% of the time. Most of the time uTorrent will bring me to the media player with a blank picture and the video will never load. Only when the video is a small one, such as a clip of the larger video, then will it stream content over successfully. 4. Apps - I've noticed that once you install an app, there is no way to uninstall it. 5. File priorities - Default file priority says 'low' on the right click menu, but is actually at level 8 (normal) under the 'files' tab. Also, with the right click menu, you can't set the priority to 'high', but you can using the 'files' tab. Feature suggestions 1. Enable manual peer blocking - Add something like 'Kick Peer' under the 'Peers' tab. This will be useful when a guy keeps sending bad data. 2. Plus Activation - Send a notification to the user when uTorrent Plus is fully activated (Not just the individual components) so we know when it's safe for us to shutdown Yup, that's all for now. Just like to thank the devs for making such an awesome program again