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    µTorrent WebUI

    I know this is not the normal configuration, but I was hoping for some pointers. I have a linkstation, and updating the webui seems to work fine, and TBH it functions. But if you leave it for the 3000ms it leaves you at the "webui is having trouble connecting to utorrent" clicking "reload page" fixes it for another 3000ms. Another clue to the issue is, if you try to make a change to any setting and apply it, you get left at the "uTorrent has been configured to use a different listening port for WebUI different from the port on which it is currently being viewed.", "how do you wish to proceed?" "Reload on the new port" (tries to send you to http://myserver:undefined/gui) "Ignore the port change" (this send you back to the working page) Any ideas what I need to change? Thanks
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