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  1. Firo, fix to show Created by : to preview the full version example: utorrent 3.3 (27000), rtorrent (1.0.1) Also if torrent is already getting a speed and you put some limit of up, downloading speed going down with upload speed. This is a stupid! Better peering with libtorrent/rtorrent. Fastest connection to the users as possible! Raising a speed as fast as possible ( in my settings bt_connect_speed is set to 4 ) but i don't know is this enough. How i said in some of my previous post a lot of ppl don't know how to backup their settings, so one button for export/import will be more than a great. For now this is like requirements.
  2. So' date=' why can't I see any issue?... Maybe a re-check of your settings is in order? like 'limit local peers' or 'apply limit to uTP' or such... try with 100 loaded torrents and 30 from them active avarage download and upload speed 4MB/s
  3. also i found not for the first time problem with shaper on target torrent or global shaper my example is next: i've got 11MB/s upload so i check 5000 for global upload shpaper the resulst is can't be reached this speed maximum go to 2/3MB/s
  4. Future staff: 1.Optimize writing peaces for lower PC example: if you downloading some torrent with rar files and peaces a 128/256/512 part size files the process now is slow. 2. To has a button to backup/restore your settings! 3. Faster updating the stats % in peer and speed bar 4. Update RSS on every 10 seconds now is at least 5 minutes
  5. okay, i've got a 100/100 Mbps i use a Intel 9450 quad core and also i've got a WD Caviar Black SATA 6 Gb/s. I'm using latest version ( 3.1.2 26753) with prevoius version i haven't a problem with download now.. it's not right that.Can you tell me how i have to set my settings. If it's not a problem to show me with screenshots. Thanks!