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  1. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/253821-32-torrents-hard-disk-speed All those notes except for the last one were pre windows7 as well, and the note from 2011 is indicating one of the windows 7 flaws. win7 is seriously slow. If you are using vista or win7 it really pays to know what your drive speed is for any type of file movement. The speed tests that I did on my other post were on win7 on a duo core N450 @ 1.6Ghz. I did the same tests on win XP pro on the same machine and the results were about 40% higher. And as my previous post mentions, you can turn off the diskio setting, but with a faster drive there is no need to. If Jack is actually using RAID1, try RAID0 the difference will be mind blowing and I am quite sure the disk overload error will go away. In regards to the older version of uTorrent,was that also on win7? My uTorrent was fine till I switched to win7, that was going from a PII 300Mhz with drive speed of 20Mb sec, changed to win7 on the afore mentioned pc and drive speed was 85mb sec, but I was using a usb2 drive which was 35Mb sec, faster than the PII, but because win7 uses so much overhead, it stuttered and was in reality too slow. I was using uTorrent 1.6 Using the internal drive was fast enough but I wanted it external, so I did some tests http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=109018 I now use the 2 esata connections and have 2 RAID0 drives attached drive speed is 10x what I need. A usb2 drive on a PII 300mhz with XP pro worked fine, bring win7 into the picture and problems arose, my solution was faster drives. The comments at Toms hardware are basically correct, your internet speed shouldn't be affecting your HD speed, but you can thank win7 or vista for this not always being true. Rather than post a link to someone elses comment, why not answer my original question,Do you know your actual HD speed? do a test, find out, you might be surprised. If you can't find a copy of Roadkill's speed test..how long does it take to move a 2gb file from 1 physical drive to another? more than 20 seconds? Math aside, I do that(20sec for a 2gb file) on my usb3 drives which test at 120mb sec on my main pc. let me know, I am only trying to help.
  2. dunno if this is your problem or not..do you know the actual speed of your hard drives? check this post, it may help..http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=109018 a faster hard drive might be the solution. but your pc has to be able to actually allow the speed too, as in it won't make any diff if you use a PII or PIII, 25-35mb per sec is useless