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  1. Where is settings.dat found? I have no specific folder, just the .exe in programs (for 2.2)
  2. On justincase's issue - doesn't solve it, but I have never used that feature, and I have never encountered that situation. icon has always been in the tray no matter what version of Windows I used. I can't find the post that this refers to. Sorry about this.....
  3. Just enable it once, all subsequent updates will import that setting. You don't even have to stop or pause current activity. At least, I have found that I don't have to.
  4. 12183 exhibits no issues with update, nor with announcing as earlier builds did with certain trackers. Operation with all trackers is continually seamless and smooth since over 24 hrs now..... most excellent!!
  5. CONNECTION TYPE ║ UPLOAD ║CONNECTIONS║MAX ACTIVE║ ║(UPLOAD MAXIMUM)║Limit│Slots ║ Torr │ MAX ║Torr │Down.║ 256 kbit/sec ║ 22 │ 3 ║ 35 │ 60 ║ 2 │ 1
  6. error 10061 indicates that the server computer didn't even accept the TCP connection in the first place - the connection never got to the stage of being connected nor authenticated. Possible causes are: - Broken TCP stack on the second machine - Broken DNS setup on the second machine - A firewall configuration at the server that permits connections only from certain addresses - A firewall configuration at the server that permits connections only via certain network interfaces - Some sort of firewall software on the second machine, that is aborting the connection at the source.
  7. Hell, just looked again and realized, sorry....
  8. Over 2500 handshakes, 2 half-open counts.....
  9. So, 11903 and 11962 tests seem to indicate the validity of awaiting the next Beta.... btw; Great forum, thanks for the detailed info and efforts!!
  10. Hmm...I just used µTorrent 1.8.1 Beta Build 11903 and it seemed to be a straighforward issue....