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  1. Thanks, 30067 works fine for me as well! Great job.
  2. @Beasly: +1, same here. b30062 crashes right after every single start (after loading the complete list of torrents). Though it offers to choose another version to run, does nothing at all when clicking on this option... Edit: temporary reverted to latest 3.3.1 stable.
  3. Guys, please check your system (C:) root directory. Is there an extensionless file called "END" there... ? Yea, same here (using latest RC1). I just realized it is created by the uTorrent installer, right after the execution of the setup (no need to finish it, or even click on any "Next" button, it is automatically created!). The question is, why would uTorrent create a file called "END" in the system root directory, with uppercase letters? Is it some out-of-date easter egg which should have activize itself on 21 December 2012, or some kind of hidden "message" to us, or is it just some leftover from development / debugging & bug tracing.. ?
  4. I guess something like the png library has been removed from the source package, that's why the icon looks so messed up (the devs are probably trying to reduce the size of the software as much as they can). There are other icon-related problems too: on the Peers tab I can't see any flags using the new version - they just doesn't appear at all. Filtering is awesome, thanks for it. I haven't found serious issues yet. _________________ Is there any chance for the "Create Subdirectory" checkbox to save it's state, and doesn't always reset itself to checked? I kinda never create any subdirectories, so it would be nice if this checkbox could remember it's last state. Even an option in the Preferences / Advanced list - like "gui.create_subfolder_default" (false/true) - could do the trick.
  5. One more thing, an idea for a much "clever" GUI: A uTorrent user clicks on a torrent which name is "This.Is.A.Series.S01E05.HDTV.XviD-XYZ" - Add New Torrent dialog pops up with the latest given path, which is (for example) "d:\Downloads". In the "d:\Downloads" directory you can already find a subdirectory prepared for this show, containing all the previous (and future) episodes; it's name is "This.Is.A.Series.S01" (path: d:\Downloads\This.Is.A.Series.S01). uTorrent could automatically check for existing directories in the current place, and if one that partially matches the torrent's name can be found (let's say it only checks for series, so "cuts" the filenames before S## - where # should be an integer of course), uT could automatically replace the "Save In" path with the found subdirectory's path, and thus auto-uncheck the "Create Subfolder" checkbox too. What do you think? Click here for sample test app which i wrote in a few hours to try it out. (MD5: de07b9aa50c356c9cdf49c98b1e87839; virustotal link) [source]
  6. Yeah' date=' they better do that.[/quote'] +1, i requested it in the topic of 3.4 alpha too a long time ago (and it shouldn't be so hard to implement).
  7. Nice, thanks for the improvements / new features! An important feature request (regarding "Add New Torrent" dialog): could you please make the "Create Subfolder" checkbox remember its last state (checked / unchecked)? It would be awesome - that's the only feature i really miss at the moment...
  8. Rafi, what's the problem with rapidshare? O.o And what do you mean by "not available"? I can download it instantly by clicking on the link. Btw i can upload it to a mirror site - which upload service do you prefer? Edit: added mirror to (in the previous post).
  9. My concern is how the area where the names/files are will be expanded-stretched to see/edit longer names. In the "long" version - you could just widen the dialog to be able to see *all* the longer names! There can be a simple draggable separator' date=' just like the one between the tree and the file list in Windows Explorer. You drag it to the right - the torrent files list contracts and the info part (with the Path/Name fields) expands. You drag it to the left - the info area contracts and the tree area expands. [/quote'] I've created a sample application, with which all of you can try out the new dialog draft - of course there are many graphical glitches and flickers (!) the way it is done now (since its just a quick draft), but the main goal is just to represent the functionality of the "Save the torrent inside a subfolder with the Name given below" option, and to let you try out that separator thing (i hope thats the way you imagined it Meddio). Download the sample application: rapidshare | MD5 (zip): bd3da8ccacd50ba831070b9948bfb4cf (click here for the virustotal log of the executable) ________________________ That can be done, but not an easy job for the developers i guess Not a bad idea though, but i haven't implemented such a function in this quick sample dialog. Not exactly the idea you wrote, but you can try out the redesigned file selector in the bottom of the right side of the window. In its current form it doesn't contains a regex interpreter or any such thing, but you can type in things like avi|mpg, or lol|mp4|e06 etc to the combobox, then press OK to select the given items which contains those strings.
  10. I can reproduce that one. Steps: 01. Close uTorrent. 02. Save 4 / 5 torrent files to a directory. 03. (in a filemanager like TC) Press enter on the first torrent, then press the "Down" arrow key to place the cursor on the next torrent file, press enter, etc (repeat the steps for all of the saved torrents) 04. Press the OK button on all of the opened "Add New Torrent" dialogs quickly 05. uTorrent crashes (cannot reproduce with the previous RC8 version, and the latest stable 3.1.3 version)
  11. I like this idea of putting the torrent directory/file-structure to the right and info and saving options to the left. The display area is horizontal (5:4, 4:3, 16:9) but current uTorrent builds don't use the horizontal space at all making us scroll and scroll and scroll. +1, i like this idea too - it would mean a somewhat wider New Torrent dialog, but the advantages of this extra width would be clear & obvious. I even created a draft, it would look like something like this (including the extra checkbox regarding subfolder creation): (click on picture for full image) I like this one. If enabling and disabling the checkbox would "magically" add and remove (toggle) the subfolder prefix to the "Save in" path (on each click) it would be quite convenient, simple and won't take much screen space. And there won't be any redundant fields like in all previous variants (including mine). Yeah, that's how i thought it should work - like a switch that automatically adds / removes the actual content of the "Name" field to / from the "Save In" field. It could even happen real-time, so when the user modifies the "Name" field (and the extra checkbox is checked), the "Save In" field could be automatically modified to it's new name when "Name" field's "OnKeyPress" event occurs. I think uTorrent should react with the latest option, so it just shouldn't do anything in case the "Save In" field is already modified by the user manually. Or another option, it could display a little dialog window in those special cases asking for what to do, with two options (or more): (o) Save the file to the originally given path (%path) ( ) Use the modified (current) "Save In" path Plus optionally there could be a checkbox: [x] Remember my choice for cases like this I agree that it should be as foolproof as possible, while keeping it comfortable & unambiguous for the user.
  12. Okay, i also created a bit even more simplified "New Torrent" dialog by rethinking the whole issue by all your suggestions above. - no need for extra input fields (less dialog height) - only one extra checkbox added to the dialog - default behaviour: always save the torrent in the exact directory that is given in the "Save In" field, except if the user checks the "Save the torrent inside a subfolder with the Name given below" option (when the user checks that option, uT could automatically replace "c:\Downloads" with "c:\Downloads\The Borgias - The Complete Season 2 [HDTV]" (with the real name of the actual torrent, of course). So with unchecked state it would look like: And with checked state (automatic replacement of the "Save In" field by clicking on the checkbox, so the user doesn't have to copy & paste the directory name):
  13. And here we go, that's the point where the whole conception fails. Staying about tv shows and House, if i download the episodes for a show one-by-one (S01E01, S01E02 etc), this way all of my torrent's name would be "House S02" in the list. So i would have a cool torrent list that looks like: House S02 House S02 House S02 House S02 House S02 House S02 House S02 House S02 ... etc. I'm not that fool to rename every of them manually to it's correct title, instead just revert using an older uTorrent client, where the naming wasn't messed up totally... Awesome? This is possibly one of the worst "addition" in the uTorrent's history in its current form. It could be awesome if it gets a bit reworked, but not the way as it is now. Nice idea, i like it! This checkbox would be quite useful! By the way if it gets implemented, i hope uTorrent will remind the checkbox's latest state, so that way the user don't have to click on it for every torrent. Plus i guess the best behaviour would be that if the user deletes the content of the "File / Sub-folder Name" field, the checkbox could automatically "untick" itself (besides keeping the original TLN field's value), so that way the torrent's name would be saved correctly in the list (instead of blank name).
  14. The current behaviour of the "Add Torrent" dialog regarding the "Name" field needs more rethinking, i guess... E.g. given the scenario the user clicks on a torrent that contains more files, and that "c:\Downloads" is an existing path, so he/she types "c:\Downloads\Stuff.n.Things.S01" in the "Save In" field, and deletes the content of the "Name", so that way the user wants the uTorrent to put his files into that folder, without creating any subfolder in it. Now that is totally impossible, simply because uTorrent automatically rewrites the "Name" field with the original name, and creates a subfolder inside the user-given "Stuff.n.Things.S01" folder. I guess in cases like the above, uTorrent should just ignore the fact that the "Name" field is empty (let the user leave it empty), and fill the main window's "Name" field automatically by the filename of the torrent, or by the name of the largest file in the torrent, or something like this...
  15. +1, i can confirm this issue (RC8 build 27547). This behaviour is driving me crazy. :/ The problem (empty name field in the uTorrent list after deleting the "Name" field in the new torrent dialog) only appears for me in case the torrent contains more than one file.