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  1. L.E. With the 3.1 build 26519 , and with override automatic cache size , set to 128MB, the download speed is much - much better now. I'm using more RAM but that's why I have 6 GB of ram. To use it I've tested with 2 torrent clients at the same time to see the difference.... The problem seems to be solved for now. 12.3 MB/s ( 99 Mbs bandwith ). And thank's to rafi for his post ( #270 ).
  2. Disk Overloaded. I have Core i7 , 6 GB DDR3, Triple Channel, RAID 0 - Streapping, and with any settings , utorrent is giving me the disk overloaded. If the download speed is over 2 MB/s this message apears and the download is very slow. My HDD is not fragmented . With other torrent clients I don't have this problem, and I'm downloading with 10 to 15 MB/s. (I have fiber optic to my home from my ISP provider where I work as Local Network Administrator ) . So what's wrong ? Thank's and all the best !
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