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  1. Cache bug utorrent 3.1 build 26519 If you override the default cache setting and exit while downloading, utorrent doesn't close down properly. Looking in the task manager I can see the memory consumption (Starting at up to 1050 MB depending on how full the cache is) is steadily decreasing until around 20MB and then the only way is to end the process manually. It kind of "hangs". It takes a loooong time for utorrent to come down to the 20MB and there is little to no hard drive activity, so it's not flushing the cache or doing it very very slowly. It happens every time so it is easy to replicate. The following cache settings where used: Override automatic cache size and specify the size manually (MB) | 1024 Reduce memory usage when cache is not needed | unchecked Enable caching of disk writes | checked Write out untouched blocks every two minutes | unchecked Write out finished pieces immediately | checked Enable caching caching of disk reads | checked Turn of read caching if the upload speed is slow | unchecked Remove old blocks from the cache | checked Increase automatic cache size when cache thrashing | unchecked Disable Windows caching of disk writes | unchecked Disable Windows caching of disk reads | unchecked I'm running Windows 7 home premium 64-bit With AMD 1090T processor, 4GB Ram and two Western Digital Green 2TB hardisks. Hope it helps!